Wednesday, 10 October 2012

EI-EVW B737-8AS Ryanair Flown back to Renton from Boeing Field

L/N 4204 C/N 40318 B737-8AS EI-EVW RYANAIR
Dep BFI 13:59 PDT Arr RNT 14:03 PDT
Call Sign BOE655 Hex Code 4CAA5B
Aircraft was painted at Renton


  1. is that return to Renton a misprint... I've never seen one returned before. If it is true ...why?

  2. Hi Dave
    Some while back one of the vendors was late in delivering the seats to Boeing which meant the aircraft was built & flight tested without the seats installed, once the seats arrived at Renton from the vendor the aircraft would fly back to Renton to have the seats installed.
    On this occasion i don't know why the Ryanair flew back to Renton, it could be a seat or another unknown issue !