Saturday 4 October 2014

PK-LBQ B737-8GP Batik Air First Flight

L/N 5127 C/N 39825 B737-8GP PK-LBQ BATIK AIR
Dep RNT 10:51 PDT Arr BFI 13:12 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE764 Hex Code 8A04AF

B-2002 B777-39PER China Eastern First Flight

L/N 1247 C/N 43288 B777-39PER B-2002 CHINA EASTERN
Dep PAE 08:53 PDT Arr PAE 12:11 PDT
Call Sign BOE452 Hex Code 780560
Hex Code previously used on B-3132 E170 C/N 19000263 Henan Airlines

Friday 3 October 2014

B-18051 B777-36NER China Airlines Delivered

L/N 1227 C/N 41821 B777-36NER B-18051 CHINA AIRLINES Lsd GECAS
Deo PAE 17:28 PDT Arr RCTP/TPE 22:18 CST
Call Sign CAL1710 Hex Code 899021

VQ-BTC B737-8MA Aeroflot First Flight

L/N 5119 C/N 43662 B737-8MA VQ-BTC Aeroflot Lsd Avolon
Dep RNT 12:12 PDT Arr BFI 14:21 PDT via YKM
Call Sign BOE036 Hex Code 4243C9
Dobrolet ntu

Photo Credit: Steve Bailey - Vref Aviation Photography

B-KQS B777-367ER Cathay Pacific First Flight

L/N 1246 C/N 42144 B777-367ER B-KQS CATHAY PACIFIC
Dep PAE 10:48 PDT Arr PAE 12:50 PDT
Call Sign BOE250 Hex Code 780A67

N8651A B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight

L/N 5125 C/N 36920 B737-8H4 N8651A SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 10:31 PDT Arr BFI 12:49 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE675 Hex Code ABE3E6

PK-GNN B737-86N Garuda First Flight

L/N 5116 C/N 41270 B737-86N PK-GNN GARUDA Lsd from GECAS
Dep RNT 10:18 PDT Arr BFI 12:44 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE551 Hex Code 8A044F
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Has the same Hex Code as PK-GAF ATR-72-600 C/N 1152 Garuda

Thursday 2 October 2014

A6-ENV B777-31HER Emirates Flown back to Everett after painting at Portland, OR

L/N 1243 C/N 41368 B777-31HER A6-ENV EMIRATES
Dep PDX 18:09 PDT Arr PAE 18:48 PDT
Call Sign BOE558 Hex Code 896318

ET-ARF B787-8 Ethiopian Airlines Delivered

Dep CHS 19:46 EDT Arr CDG 09:25 CEST
Call Sign ETH5201 Hex Code 040088
41st Charleston built aircraft

B-18052 B777-36NER China Airlines Flown to Portland, OR for painting

L/N 1245 C/N 41822 B777-36NER B-18052 CHINA AIRLINES Lsd GECAS
Dep PAE 15:54 PDT Arr PDX 16:42 PDT
Call Sign BOE502 Hex Code 899018

N8649A B737-8H4 Southwest Flown from Everett to Phoenix, AZ

L/N 5084 C/N 42527 B737-8H4 N8649A SOUTHWEST
Dep PAE 15:02 PDT Arr PHX 17:25 MST
Call Sign SWA8703 Hex Code ABE147

EI-FEG B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 5111 C/N 44688 B737-8AS EI-FEG RYANAIR
Leased from Aviation Finance and Leasing S.à.r.l.
Dep RNT 14:25 PDT Arr BFI 16:42 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE664 Hex Code 4CA33C
(N.B original customer allocation was-8MD)

C-GJLZ B737-8CT WestJet Delivered

L/N 5103 C/N 60125 B737-8CT C-GJLZ WESTJET
DEP BFI 13:04 PDT Arr YYC 15:17 MDT
Call Sign WJA8964 Hex Code C05DA4 Fleet #831

VQ-BVM B737-8GJ S7 Airlines Delivered

L/N 5094 C/N 41400 B737-8GJ VQ-BVM S7 AIRLINES Lsd Bank of China
Dep BFI 10:48 PDT Arr ??? ??:??
Call Sign GLP9991 Hex Code 4243CD
SpiceJet VT-SZM - ntu

VT-ANR B787-8 Air India Delivered

L/N 208 C/N 36289 B787-8 VT-ANR AIR INDIA
Dep CHS 12:02 EDT ETA DEL 13:00 IST
Call Sign AIC164 Hex Code 800738
39th Charleston Built Aircraft

N828DN B737-932ER Delta Airlines Flown to Spokane, WA for painting

L/N 5114 C/N 31939 B737-932ER N828DN DELTA AIRLINES
Dep BFI 08:33 PDT Arr GEG 09:08 PDT
Call Sign BOE828 Hex Code AB4EEB Fleet #3828

PK-GNO B737-8U3 Garuda Delivered

L/N 5109 C/N 41800 B737-8U3 PK-GNO GARUDA Lsd from ILFC
Dep BFI 08:31 PDT ETA HNL 10:58 HST
Call Sign GIA8011 Hex Code 8A0450

HP-1842CMP B737-8V3 COPA Delivered

L/N 5100 C/N 40784 B737-8V3 HP-1842CMP COPA
Dep BFI 08:02 PDT ETA SJO 16:00 CST
Call Sign CMP4842 Hex Code 0C20AC

VQ-BMG B737-8LP UT Air Delivered

L/N 5095 C/N 41841 B737-8LP VQ-BMG UT AIR
Dep BFI 05:18 PDT Arr KEF ??:??
Call Sign VQBMG Hex Code 4245B6

Wednesday 1 October 2014

JY-BAB B787-8 Royal Jordanian Delivered

Dep PAE 17:51 PDT Arr AMM 16:09 AST
Call Sign RJA5050 Hex Code 740822

Photo Credit: Daniel Gorun

A7-BCQ B787-8 Qatar Airways First Flight

L/N 215 C/N 38335 B787-8 A7-BCQ QATAR
Dep PAE 14:57 PDT Arr PAE 17:08 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE476 HexCode 06A0B5

Photo Credit: Daniel Gorun

JY-BAC B787-8 Royal Jordanian First Flight

Dep PAE 11:37 PDT Arr PAE ??:?? PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE715 Hex Code 740823

B-18052 B777-36NER China Airlines First Flight

L/N 1245 C/N 41822 B777-36NER B-18052 CHINA AIRLINES Lsd GECAS
Dep PAE 11:34 PDT Arr PAE 13:40 PDT
Call Sign BOE502 Hex Code 899018

Photo Credit: Tom Sheehan

N68836 B737-924ER United First Flight

L/N 5118 C/N 60088 B737-924ER N68836 UNITED
Dep RNT 11:26 PDT Arr BFI 14:01 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE026 Hex Code A923CF

JA79AN B737-881 All Nippon Delivered

L/N 5101 C/N 44557 B737-881 JA79AN ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep BFI 09:50 PDT Arr ANC 12:36 AKDT
Call Sign ANA9399 Hex Code 86960C
Aircraft was painted at Renton

A7-BFG B777-FDZ Qatar Cargo Delivered

L/N 1238 C/N 42299 B777-FDZ A7-BFG QATAR CARGO
Dep PAE 07:39 PDT Arr DOH 07:28 AST
Call Sign QTR3254 Hex Code 06A140

C-GHPX B787-8 Air Canada First Flight

L/N 230 C/N 35261 B787-8 C-GHPX AIR CANADA
Dep CHS 09:12 EDT Arr CHS 12:36 EDT via GSP
Call Sign BOE614 Hex Code C058C2 Fleet# 805
45th Charleston Built Aircraft

Tuesday 30 September 2014

VQ-BRQ B737-8LP UT Air Delivered

L/N 5019 C/N 41710 B737-8LP VQ-BRQ UT AIR
Dep BFI 15:47 PST Arr ??? ??:??
Call Sign VQBRQ Hex Code 424584

CC-BBI B787-8 Lan Airlines Delivered

L/N 210 C/N 38480 B787-8 CC-BBI LAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 15:26 PDT Arr LAX 17:32 PDT
Call Sign LAN1345 Hex Code E8020D

5Y-CYA B737-8HX Kenya Airways First Flight

L/N 5115 C/N 40549 B737-8HX 5Y-CYA KENYA AIRWAYS
Dep RNT 13:45 PDT Arr BFI 16:30 PDT via PSC
Call Sign BOE676 Hex Code 04C147

B-2485 B747-89L Air China Delivered

L/N 1499 C/N 41191 B747-89L B-2485 AIR CHINA
Dep PAE 14:23 PDT Arr ZBAA/PEK 16:43CST
Call Sign CCA078 Hex Code 780CB6

Photo Credit: Steve Bailey - Vref Aviation Photography

B-1978 B737-89L Air China First Flight

L/N 5120 C/N 41324 B737-89L B-1978 AIR CHINA Lsd Air Lease
Dep RNT 14:01 PDT Arr BFI 16:30 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE908 Hex Code 780C9A

LN-NHB B737-8JP Norwegian Delivered

L/N 5102 C/N 41134 B737-8JP LN-NHB NORWEGIAN
Dep Dep BFI 12:59 PDT ETA OSL 06:50 CEST
Call Sign NAX1A Hex Code 47A034

Photo Credit: Tom Sheehan

LX-VCJ B747-8R7F Cargolux Delivered

L/N 1490 C/N 38077 B747-8R7F LX-VCJ CARGOLUX
Dep PAE 12:38 PDT Arr SEA 12:50 PDT
Call Sign CLX789 Hex Code 4D0113

Photo Credit: Maggie Bradley

ET-ARH B777-F60 Ethiopian Cargo Flown back to Everett after painting at Victorville, CA

L/N 1242 C/N 42031 B777-F60 ET-ARH ETHIOPIAN CARGO
Dep VCV 12:25 PDT Arr PAE 14:46 PDT
Call Sign BOE176 Hex Code 04008A

B-2769 B787-8 Xiamen Air Flown back to Charleston, SC after painting at Victorville,CA

L/N 227 C/N 41539 B787-8 B-2769 XIAMEN AIR
Derp VCV 11:17 PDT ETA CHS 18:05 EDT
Call Sign BOE681 Hex Code 780C80
44th Charleston Built Aircraft

Monday 29 September 2014

A6-ENU B777-31HER Emirates Delivered

L/N 1236 C/N 41367 B777-31HER A6-ENU EMIRATES
Dep PAE 14:33 PDT Arr DXB 15:51 GST
Call Sign UAE777 Hex Code 896317

N828DN B737-932ER Delta Airlines First Flight

L/N 5114 C/N 31939 B737-932ER N828DN DELTA AIRLINES
Dep RNT 12:42 PDT Arr BFI 14:43 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE828 Hex Code AB4EEB Fleet #3828

N8650F B737-8H4 Southwest Delivered

L/N 5105 C/N 36909 B737-8H4 N8650F SOUTHWEST
Dep BFI 11:54 PDT Arr PAE ??:?? PDT
Call Sign SWA8701 Hex Code ABE3C8

N731AN B777-323ER American Airlines Flown back to Everett after painting at Portland, OR

L/N 1241 C/N 33523 B777-323ER N731AN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep PDX 11:32 PDT Arr PAE ??:?? PDT
Call Sign BOE315 Hex Code A9CECF Fleet #7LR

VT-JFZ B737-85R Jet Airways First Flight

L/N 5112 C/N 39069 B737-85R VT-JFZ JET AIRWAYS
Dep RNT 11:19 PDT Arr BFI 13:45 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE604 Hex Code 800B1D
Aircraft was painted at Renton

PK-LPH B737-9GPER Lion Air Delivered

L/N 5096 C/N 39878 B737-9GPER PK-LPH LION AIR
Dep BFI 10:55 PDT Arr HNL 13:53 HST
Call Sign LNI1 Hex Code 8A04BB
Aircraft was painted at Renton

Sunday 28 September 2014

A7-BED B777-3DZER Qatar Airways Flown to Portland, OR for painting

L/N 1244 C/N 60330 B777-3DZER A7-BED QATAR AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 14:08 PDT Arr PDX 14:43 PDT
Call Sign BOE898 Hex Code 06A19F