Saturday 9 April 2011

TC-AMP B737-82R Pegasus First Flight

L/N 3622 C/N 40723 B737-82R TC-AMP PEGASUS
Dep RNT 14:07 PDT Arr BFI 16:01 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE248 Hex Code 4B85B0

JA66AN B737-881 All Nippon Airways Delivered

L/N 3598 C/N 33909 B737-881 JA66AN ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep BFI 09:24 PDT Arr ANC 11:43 ADT
Dep ANC 13:28 ADT ETA HND 05:14z
Call Sign ANK9984 Hex Code 863188
Photo Credit: Rick Schlamp (Photo taken after a test flight at BFI)

B-5606 B737-87L Shenzhen First Flight 8th April

L/N 3624 C/N 39143 B737-87L B-5606 SHENZHEN
Dep RNT 17:29 PDT Arr BFI 19:19 PDT
Call Sign BOE682 Hex Code tba
Aircraft to be in the light blue special scheme
with cartoon characters.
Photo Credit: John (Taken at RNT a few days before first flight)

Friday 8 April 2011

VQ-BQQ B737-8GU UT Air First Flight

L/N 3620 C/N 37552 B737-8GU VQ-BQQ UT Air
Dep RNT 16:11 PDT Arr BFI 17:55 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE291 Hex Code 4249DD
Aircraft originally allocated to Moscow Airlines
which ceased operations Jan 2011
Photo Credit: John (Ground testing at RNT)

Thursday 7 April 2011

A6-FDQ B737-8KN FlyDubai First Flight

L/N 3619 C/N 40244 B737-8KN A6-FDQ FLYDUBAI
Dep RNT 11:33 PDT Arr BFI 13:30 PDT
Call Sign BOE619 Hex Code 8962BC
Photo Credit: John (Departing Renton on first flight)

VH-VZL B737-838 Qantas First Flight

L/N 3621 C/N 34194 B737-838 VH-VZL QANTAS
Dep RNT 11:01 PDT Arr BFI 13:12 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE572 Hex Code 7C6DDF
Photo Credit: John (Taken at RNT before first flight)

Wednesday 6 April 2011

OO-JAD B737-8K5 Jetairfly Delivered

L/N 3601 C/N 39093 B737-8K5 OO-JAD JETAIRFLY
Dep BFI 13:41 PDT ETA KEF 03:38z
Call Sign JAF555 Hex Code 44A824
Aircraft Named: Magnificent
Photo Credit: Drewski (Arriving at BFI after a test flight)

F-GZNJ B777-328ER Air France First Flight

L/N 928 C/N 38706 B777-328ER F-GZNJ AIR FRANCE
Dep PAE 11:23 PDT Arr PAE 13:03 PDT
Call Sign BOE033 Hex Code 3965A9
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (Landing at PAE after first flight)

Tuesday 5 April 2011

N73445 B737-924 United First Flight

L/N 3615 C/N 40000 B737-924 N73445 UNITED
Dep RNT 10:09 PDT Arr BFI 11:51 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE551 Hex Code A9DCE9

OM-TVR B737-86N Travel Service Slovakia First Flight

Dep RNT 09:00 PDT Arr BFI 10:59 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE502 Hex Code 505E92

B-KPT B777-367ER Cathay Pacific flown to Portland for painting

L/N 927 C/N 37896 B777-367ER B-KPT CATHAY PACIFIC
Dep PAE 08:42 PDT Arr PDX 09:16 PDT
Call Sign BOE815 Hex Code 780A15

Monday 4 April 2011

TC-AJP B737-82R Pegasus First Flight

L/N 3617 C/N 35983 B737-82R TC-AJP PEGASUS
Dep RNT 11:14 PDT Arr BFI 13:57 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE247 Hex Code 4B8550

B-KPT B777-367ER Cathay Pacific First Flight

L/N 927 C/N 37896 B777-367ER B-KPT CATHAY PACIFIC
Dep PAE 09:30 PDT Arr PAE 11:48 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE815 Hex Code 780A15
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (Arriving back at PAE after first flight)

VQ-BKV B737-8ZS S7 Airlines First Flight

L/N 3605 C/N 37084 B737-8ZS VQ-BKV S7 AIRLINES
Dep RNT 09:06 PDT Arr BFI 11:10 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE301 Hex Code 4249E3
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit: Rick Schlamp (Taken at BFI after first flight from RNT)

Sunday 3 April 2011

F-GZNI B777-328ER Air France Delivered 1st April

L/N 924 C/N 39973 B777-328ER F-GZNI AIR FRANCE
Dep PAE 15:00 PDT Arr CDG ??:??z
Call Sign AFR374V Hex Code 3965A8
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (Photo taken at PAE whilst in the fuel dock)

VH-YFC B737-81D Virgin Blue delivered from Tulsa, OK to Honolulu, HI via Ontario, CA

L/N 3592 C/N 39413 B737-81D VH-YFC VIRGIN BLUE
Leased from Ansett Worldwide
Dep TUL 10:20 CDT Arr ONT 11:18 PDT
Dep ONT 12:21 PDT Arr HNL 14:16 HST
Call Sign VBH9080 Hex Code 7C7A36
Aircraft is painted all white