Saturday 1 June 2013

A7-BFE B777-FDZ Qatar Cargo Flown back to Everett after painting at Portland

L/N 1110 C/N 39644 B777-FDZ A7-BFE QATAR CARGO
Dep PDX 19:54 PDT Arr PAE 20:29 PDT
Call Sign BOE115 Hex Code 06A0DE

A6-ETP B777-3FXER Etihad Flown from Everett to Portland to be painted

L/N 1111 C/N 41699 B777-3FXER A6-ETP ETIHAD
Dep PAE 16:28 PDT Arr PAE 17:07 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE094 Hex Code 896353

EZ-A016 B737-82K Turkmenistan Delivered

L/N 4480 C/N 39775 B737-82K EZ-A016 TURKMENISTAN
Dep BFI 14:15 PDT ETA YYR 23:16 ADT
Call Sign TUA3216 Hex Code 60183C

B-2725 B787-8 China Southern Delivered

L/N 34 C/N 34923 B787-8 B-2725 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep PAE 07:04 PDT ETA CAN 10:22 CST
Call Sign CSN883 Hex Code 780708

Friday 31 May 2013

JA819A B787-8 All Nippon Airways Delivered

L/N 97 C/N 42244 B787-8 JA819A ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 18:18 PDT ETA HND 19:09 JST
Call Sign ANA9399 Hex Code 86D310

PH-BVK B777-306ER KLM Delivered

L/N 1106 C/N 42172 B777-306ER PH-BVK KLM
Dep PAE 16:37 PDT ETA AMS 10:19 CEST
Call Sign KLM7462 Hex Code 485000

B-5840 B737-89P China United First Flight

L/N 4493 C/N 41304 B737-89P B-5840 CHINA UNITED
Leased from Air Lease Corp to China Eastern
& sub-leased to China United
Dep RNT 15:45 PDT Arr BFI ??:?? PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE592 Hex Code 780B2D

G-TUIB B787-8 Thomson Delivered

L/N 94 C/N 34423 B787-8 G-TUIB THOMSON
Dep PAE 14:59 PDT Arr MAN 07:29 BST
Call Sign TOM9485 Hex Code 4067F6

CC-BDP B767-316ER Lan Airlines First Flight

L/N 1055 C/N 41997 B767-316ER CC-BDP LAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 14:25 PDT Arr PAE ??:?? PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE013 Hex Code E80271

B-5737 B737-87L Shenzhen First Flight

L/N 4488 C/N 39133 B737-87L B-5737 SHENZHEN
Dep RNT 13:44 PDT Arr BFI ??:?? PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE728 Hex Code 7809D8
Aircraft was painted at Renton

B-5781 B737-85N Shandong First Flight

L/N 4491 C/N 39332 B737-85N B-5781 SHANDONG
Leased from Babcock & Brown
Dep RNT 10:55 PDT Arr BFI 13:01 PDT
Call Sign BOE114 Hex Code 780B04

VH-YFQ B737-8FE Virgin Australia First Flight

Dep RNT 10:28 PDT Arr BFI 12:46 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE815 Hex Code 7C7A44

JA11KZ B747-8KZF Nippon Cargo Flown back to Everett from Lackland AFB, TX

Dep SKF 11:37 CDT Arr PAE 13:22 PDT
Call Sign BOE521 Hex Code 845F9F

Thursday 30 May 2013

JA744A B777-281ER All Nippon Airways Delivered

L/N 1102 C/N 40903 B777-281ER JA744A ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 19:20 PDT ETA HND 20:18 JST
Call Sign ANA9397 Hex Code 86835A

G-TUIA B787-8 Thomson Delivered

L/N 92 C/N 34422 B787-8 G-TUIA THOMSON
Dep PAE 16:53 PDT Arr MAN 10:30 BST
Call Sign TOM9768 Hex Code 4067F5

JA830J B787-8 Japan Airlines Delivered

L/N 89 C/N 34840 B787-8 JA830J JAPAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 16:22 PDT ETA 17:52 JST
Call Sign JAL8101 Hex Code 86D90E

N929NN B737-823 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 4489 C/N 33322 B737-823 N929NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 14:54 PDT Arr BFI 17:00 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE760 Hex Code ACE0D2

ET-AQM B737-860 Ethiopian Delivered

L/N 4471 C/N 40966 B737-860 ET-AQM ETHIOPIAN

Dep BFI 14:11 PDT ETA 21:53 EDT
Call Sign ETH9202 Hex Code 040076
Aircraft was painted at Renton

A6-ETP B777-3FXER Etihad First Flight

L/N 1111 C/N 41699 B777-3FXER A6-ETP ETIHAD
Dep PAE 10:39 PDT Arr PAE ??:?? PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE094 Hex Code 896353
Photo Credit: Moonm (Departing Everett on first flight)

B-5806 B737-74P Lucky Air First Flight

L/N 4483 C/N 39200 B737-74P B-5806 LUCKY AIR
Dep RNT 10:15 PDT Arr BFI 12:44 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE743 Hex Code 780B00
Hainan order transferred to Lucky Air
Aircraft was painted at Renton

Wednesday 29 May 2013

D-ABYI B747-830 Lufthansa Delivered

L/N 1475 C/N 37833 B747-830 D-ABYI LUFTHANSA
Dep PAE 16:16 PDT Arr FRA 10:22 CEST
Call Sign DLH9925 Hex Code 3C4B29

A6-ETO B777-3FXER Etihad Delivered

L/N 1105 C/N 39690 B777-3FXER A6-ETO ETIHAD
Dep PAE 15:10 PDT ETA AUH 17:06 GST
Call Sign ETD9054 Hex Code 896343

D-ABMP B737-86J Air Berlin Delivered

L/N 4472 C/N 37779 B737-86J D-ABMP AIR BERLIN
Dep BFI 14:24 PDT ETA KEF 04:25z
Call Sign BER42 Hex Code 3C49B0

LN-NID B737-8JP Norwegian Air Shuttle Delivered

Dep BFI 13:33 PDT ETA OSL 07:34 CEST
Call Sign NAX1A Hex Code 479573

B-5743 B737-81B China Southern First Flight

L/N 4492 C/N 38947 B737-81B B-5743 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep BFI 12:13 PDT Arr BFI 14:20 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE483 Hex Code 7809EB

B-5736 B737-87L Shenzhen Airlines Delivered

L/N 4470 C/N 39132 B737-87L B-5736 SHENZHEN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 11:12 PDT ETA HNL 14:01 HST
Call Sign CSZ901 Hex CODE 7809D7

UK67006 B767-33PER Uzbekistan Flown back to Everett after painting at Portland

L/N 1054 C/N 40535 B767-33PER UK67006 UZBEKISTAN
Dep PDX 10:52 PDT Arr PAE 12:19 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE984 Hex Code 507C49

Tuesday 28 May 2013

LN-RGG B737-86N SAS Delivered

L/N 4469 C/N 38039 B737-86N LN-RGG SAS Lsd GECAS
Dep BFI 14:32 PDT ETA OSL 08:59 CEST
Call Sign SAS9145 Hex Code 47BDCD

PK-GFU B737-86N Garuda First Flight

L/N 4482 C/N 38040 B737-86N PK-GFU GARUDA Lsd GECAS
Dep RNT 10:41 PDT Arr BFI 12:55 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE546 Hex Code 8A03C6
Aircraft was painted at Renton

N723AN B777-323ER American Airlines delivered

L/N 1103 C/N 33125 B777-323ER N723AN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 10:31 PDT Arr DFW 15:41 PDT
Call Sign AAL9705 Hex Code A9AEBE Fleet# 7LG

N358UP B767-34AF UPS Flown back to Everett after flight testing at Boeing Field

Dep BFI 10:29 PDT Arr PAE 11:00 PDT
Call Sign BOE289 Hex Code A40455

Sunday 26 May 2013

G-TUIC B787-8 Thomson First Flight

L/N 96 C/N 34424 B787-8 G-TUIC THOMSON
Dep PAE 15:02 PDT Arr PAE 17:41 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE319 Hex Code 4067F7

A6-FEF B737-8KN FlyDubai Delivered

L/N 4467 C/N 40259 B737-8KN A6-FEF FLYDUBAI
Dep BFI 14:50 PDT Arr GLA ??:?? BST
Call Sign FDB9737 Hex Code 896377
Aircraft was painted at Renton