Friday 29 January 2010

D-ABKJ B737-86J Air Berlin First Flight

L/N 3176 C/N 37749 B737-86J D-ABKJ AIR BERLIN
Dep RNT 13:39 PST ETA MWH 15:11 PST
Dep MWH 15:28 PST ETA BFI 16:01 PST
Call Sign BOE959 Hex Code 3C496A

N824NN B737-824 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 3170 C/N 30916 B737-823 N824NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 13:20 PST Arr BFI 15:01 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE235 Hex Code AB40F0

B-5498 B737-85C Xiamen Delivered

L/N 3160 C/N 37574 B737-85C B-5498 XIAMEN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 07:17 PST ETA HNL 11:28 HST
Call Sign CXA5498 Hex Code 7805DF

Thursday 28 January 2010

EI-EKH B737-8AS Ryanair Delivered

L/N 3162 C/N 38493 B737-8AS EI-EKH RYANAIR
Dep BFI 22:20 PST ETA DUB 15:05z
Call Sign RYR800H Hex Code 4CA806

EI-EKG B737-8AS Ryanair Delivered

L/N 3161 C/N 35021 B737-8AS EI-EKG RYANAIR
Dep BFI 22:12 PST ETA DUB 14:57z
Call Sign RYR800G Hex Code 4CA805

N77520 B737-824 Continental returns to Renton

L/N 3158 C/N 31658 B737-824 N77520 CONTINENTAL
Dep BFI 10:38 PST Arr MWH 11:57 PST
Dep MWH 12:17 PST Arr RNT 12:52 PST
Call Sign BOE572 Hex Code AA7E51

A7-BBF B777-2DZLR Qatar Airways Delivered

Dep PAE 14:41 PST Nonstop to DOH
Call Sign QTR3052 Hex Code 06A076
Route of flight: Flight Time 13Hrs 43min

N1785B (B-KPP) B777-367ER Cathay Pacific returns to PAE from PDX after painting

L/N 845 C/N 36164 B777-367ER B-KPP CATHAY PACIFIC
Dep PDX 11:21 PST ETA PAE 11:56 PST
Call Sign BOE811 Hex Code 78023C

Wednesday 27 January 2010

N5573S (B-2076) B777-F6N China Cargo Airlines flown from PAE to PDX for painting

L/N 846 C/N 37711 B777-F6N B-2076 CHINA CARGO AIRLINES
DEP PAE 18:31 PST Arr PDX 19:06 PST
Call Sign BOE096 Hex Code 7805DC

N787EX B787-8 on test flight from PAE to BFI

L/N 2 C/N 40691 B787-8 N787EX BOEING - ALL NIPPON Colours
Dep PAE 11:23 PST Arr BFI 15:28 PST
Call Sign BOE002 Hex Code AAAB01

A6-ECY B777-31HER Emirates Delivered

L/N 840 C/N 35595 B777-31HER A6-ECY EMIRATES
Dep PAE 15:05 PST Nonstop TO DXB
Call Sign UAE777 Hex Code 896120

OK-TVL B737-8FN Travel Service Delivered 25th Jan 2010

Due to the lack of information about whether this
delivery took place as nothing appeared on the
flight trackers I delayed publishing this info
until I could confirm it had been delivered.
Thanks to the SBS Logs of Barry, Alexis & Steve
OK-TVL was logged at:
16:05 PST 25th JAN - Victoria, Canada
17:50 Local at 39,000ft 25th Jan - Edmonton, Canada
09:18z at 39,000ft 26th Jan - Aberdeen UK
Call Sign TVS738 Hex Code 49D13D

D-ABKI B737-86J Air Berlin Delivered

L/N 3157 37748 B737-86J D-ABKI AIR BERLIN
Dep BFI 12:29 PST ETA KEF 03:50z on 28th Jan
Call Sign BER012 Hex Code 3C4969

B-5496 B737-89L Air China Delivered

L/N 3155 C/N 36750 B737-89L B-5496 AIR CHINA
Dep BFI 09:26 PST Arr HNL 13:53 HST
Call Sign CCA056 Hex Code 7805F1

EI-EKK B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3174 C/N 38500 B737-8AS EI-EKK RYANAIR
Dep RNT 12:12 PST Arr MWH 13:41 PST
Dep MWH 13:55 PST ETA BFI 14:18 PST
Call Sign BOE559 Hex Code 4CA80B

EI-EKJ B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3173 C/N 38497 B737-8AS EI-EKJ RYANAIR
Dep RNT 11:20 PST Arr BFI 13:10 PST via YKM
Call Sign BOE558 Hex Code 4CA809

B-2076 B777-F6N China Cargo Airlines First Flight

L/N 846 C/N 37711 B777-F6N B-2076 CHINA CARGO AIRLINES
DEP PAE 08:29 PST Arr MWH 10:10 PST
Call Sign BOE096 Hex Code 7805DC

Tuesday 26 January 2010

B-5497 B737-89L Air China First Flight

L/N 3167 36751 B737-89L B-5497 AIR CHINA
Dep RNT 11:05 PST Arr BFI 12:45 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE901 Hex Code 7805F2

PH-BGI B737-7K2 KLM First Flight

L/N 3172 30364 B737-7K2 PH-BGI KLM
DEP RNT 13:57 PST Arr 15:36 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE696 Hex Code 484B90

B-5445 B737-81B China Southern Delivered

L/N 3154 C/N 35388 B737-81B B-5445 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep BFI 08:31 PST Arr HNL 12:36 HST
Call Sign CSN888 Hex Code 7805EC

B-5487 B737-85C Xiamen Delivered

L/N 3150 C/N 35058 B737-85C B-5487 XIAMEN
Dep BFI 07:26 PST Arr HNL 11:27 HST
Call Sign CXA5487 Hex Code 7802A0

EI-EKF B737-8AS Ryanair Delivered 25th Jan 2010

L/N 3152 C/N 35025 B737-8AS EI-EKF RYANAIR
Dep BFI 22:01 PST ETA DUB 14:49Z on 26TH Jan
Call Sign RYR800F Hex Code 4CA804

Monday 25 January 2010

B-KPO B777-367ER Cathay Pacific Delivered

L/N 843 C/N 36160 B777-367ER B-KPO CATHAY PACIFIC
Dep PAE 15:43 PST Nonstop to HKG
Call Sign CPA3337 Hex Code 78022E

PK-GMK B737-8U3 Garuda First Flight

L/N 3171 C/N 29666 B737-8U3 PK-GMK GARUDA
Dep RNT 11:09 Arr BFI 13:05 PST Via PAE
Call Sign BOE171 Hex Code 8A0210

N79521 B737-824 Continental First Flight

L/N 3169 C/N 31662 B737-824 N79521 CONTINENTAL
Dep RNT 08:52 PST Arr MWH 10:13 PST
DEP MWH 10:28 PST Arr BFI 10:53 PST
Call Sign BOE573 Hex Code AACD50
Photo Credit: Krislhull