Saturday 20 December 2014

JA80AN B737-881 All Nippon Delivered

L/N 5216 C/N 44558 B737-881 JA80AN ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep BFI 14:17 PST Arr ANC 16:24 AKST
Call Sign ANA9399 Hex Code 86CFA0
Aircraft was Painted at Renton

N8656B B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight

L/N 5221 C/N 42530 B737-8H4 N8656B SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 12:33 PST Arr BFI 14:49 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE680 Hex Code ABE496
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1713 B-1713 Shenzhen Delivered

L/N 5213 C/N 39161 B737-87L B-1713 SHENZHEN
Dep BFI 12:04 PST Arr HNL 15:54 HST
Call Sign CSZ908 Hex Code 780D00

XA-AMX B787-8 Aeromexico Delivered

L/N 251 C/N 36843 B787-8 XA-AMX AEROMEXICO
Dep PAE 10:39 PST Arr MMMX/MEX 16:53 CST
Call Sign AMX8532 Hex Code 0D085C

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1752 B737-89P China United Delivered

L/N 5211 C/N 61310 B737-89P B-1752 CHINA UNITED
Dep BFI 08:54 PST Arr HNL 13:07
Call Sign CUA752 Hex Code 780246
(Hexcode previously used on a Shanghai B738)

Friday 19 December 2014

N781AV B787-8 Avianca Delivered

L/N 228 C/N 37503 B787-8 N781AV AVIANCA
Dep PAE 23:34 PDT Arr SKBO/BOG 10:31 COT
Call Sign AVA9988 Hex Code AA9451

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

A6-BLA B787-9 Etihad Returned From Abu Dhabi

L/N 229 C/N 39646 B787-9 A6-BLA ETIHAD
Dep OMAA/AUH 14:15 GST Arr PAE 16:53 PST
Call Sign BOE787 Hex Code 8963CE
Aircraft wears temporary registration N1009N

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

JA836J B787-8 Japan Airlines Delivered

L/N 237 C/N 38135 B787-8 JA836J JAPAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 16:07 PST Arr RJAA/NRT 18:41 JST
Call Sign JAL8101 Hex Code 86D9DA

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-KQU B777-367ER Cathay Pacific Delivered

L/N 1263 C/N 42145 B777-367ER B-KQU CATHAY PACIFIC
PAE 15:15 PST Arr VHHH/HKG 21:28 HKT
Call Sign CPA3339 Hex Code 780A89

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

A6-ENX B777-31HER Emirates Delivered

L/N 1261 C/N 42318 B777-31HER A6-ENX EMIRATES
Dep PAE 14:28 PST Arr OMDB/DXB 18:17 GST
Call Sign UAE7777 Hex Code 89631A

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1767 B737-89L Air China First Flight

L/N 5230 C/N 41109 B737-89L B-1767 AIR CHINA
Dep RNT 13:28 PST Arr BFI 15:38 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE918 Hex Code 780D86

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

G-VAHH B787-9 Virgin Atlantic First Flight

L/N 246 C/N 37967 B787-9 G-VAHH VIRGIN Atlantic
Dep PAE 13:23 PST Arr PAE 15:53 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE28 Hex Code 406B48
Named: Dream Girl

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-2009 B777-31BER China Southern Delivered

L/N 1260 C/N 43223 B777-31BER B-2009 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep PAE 12:47 PST Arr ZBTJ/TSN 15:32 CST
Call Sign CSN1 Hex Code 780CB2

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

N69839 B737-924 United Airlines Delivered

L/N 5214 C/N 60316 B737-924ER N69839 UNITED AIRLINES
Dep BFI 12:33 PST Arr SEA 12:52 PST
Call Sign UAL2189 Hex Code A94B51

B-2010 B777-F1B China Southern Cargo First Flight

L/N 1268 C/N 41634 B777-F1B B-2010 CHINA SOUTHERN CARGO
Dep PAE 11:52 PST Arr PAE 13:52 PST
Call Sign BOE24 Hex Code 7800EB
(Hexcode was previously used on a Xiamen B738)

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

9M-MXY B737-8H6 Malaysia Airlines Delivered

L/N 5208 C/N 40162 B737-8H6 9M-MXY MALAYSIA AIRLINES
Dep BFI 10:59 PST Arr HNL 14:36 HST
Call Sign MAS5013 Hex Code 750223

VH-VKI B787-8 Jetstar First Flight

L/N 257 C/N 36235 B787-8 VH-VKI JETSTAR
Dep CHS 13:58 EST Arr CHS 16:20 EST
Call Sign BOE222 Hex Code 7C6BC0
54th Charleston Built Aircraft

TC-CPM B737-82R Pegasus First Flight

L/N 5222 C/N 40012 B737-82R TC-CPM PEGASUS
Dep RNT 10:15 PST Arr BFI 12:25 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE995 Hex Code 4B8E0D

N8657B B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight

L/N 5227 C/N 42535 B737-8H4 N8657B SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 10:08 PST Arr BFI 11:51 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE681 Hex Code ABE4B9

B-1751 B737-89P China United Delivered

L/N 5209 C/N 61309 B737-89P B-1751 CHINA UNITED
Dep BFI 08:35 PST Arr HNL 12:24 HST
Call Sign CUA751 Hex Code 78027E
Aircraft was painted at Renton

Thursday 18 December 2014

VQ-BVU B737-8LJ Orenair Delivered

L/N 5206 C/N 41202 B737-8LJ VQ-BVU ORENAIR
Dep BFI 22:37 PST Arr BIKF/KEF 13:51 GMT
Call Sign ORB9001 Hex Code 4243D3

JA835A B787-8 All Nippon Delivered

L/N 243 C/N 34525 B787-8 JA835A ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 18:49 PST Arr RJTT/HND 21:14 JST
Call Sign ANA9397 Hex Code 86D9B0

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

HS-TKX B777-3D7ER Thai Airways Flown to Victorville, CA for Painting

L/N 1267 C/N 42113 B777-3D7ER HS-TKX THAI AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 13:46 PST Arr VCV 15:40 PST
Call Sign BOE444 Hex Code 885178

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

PK-LBU B737-8GP Batik First Flight

L/N 5225 C/N 38308 B737-8GP PK-LBU BATIK
Dep RNT 12:30 PST Arr BFI 14:28 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE770 Hex Code 8A04E2

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

D-ABYR B747-830 Lufthansa First Flight

L/N 1511 C/N 37842 B747-830 D-ABYR LUFTHANSA
Dep PAE 11:58 PDT Arr PAE 14:26 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE037 Hex Code 3C4B32

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

N964NN B737-823 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 5226 C/N 31210 B737-823 N964NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 10:17 PST Arr BFI 12:27 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE796 Hex Code AD6C3B Fleet #3MF

N784DS (168848) B737-8FV P-8A United States Navy First Flight

L/N 5138 C/N 44140 B737-8FV P-8A N784DS (168848)
Dep RNT 09:47 PST Arr BFI 11:57 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE033 Hex Code AA9FBE

N780AV B787-8 Avianca Delivered

L/N 217 C/N 37502 B787-8 N780AV AVIANCA
Dep PAE 00:21 PST Arr SKBO/BOG 11:17 COT
Call Sign AVA9987 Hex Code AA909A

Photo Credit: Steve Bailey

Wednesday 17 December 2014

N8644C B737-8H4 Southwest Flown from Everett, WA to Phoenix, AZ

L/N 5032(P) C/N 35973 B737-8H4 N8644C SOUTHWEST AIRLINES
Dep PAE 17:42 PST Arr PHX 21:07 MST
Call Sign SWA8700 Hex Code ABE09A
Note: Replacement for original fuselage destroyed after rail accident in Montana.
(Fuselage had line number 5032P stenciled on before being painted)

HS-TKX B777-3D7ER Thai Airways First Flight

L/N 1267 C/N 42113 B777-3D7ER HS-TKX THAI AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 13:04 PST Arr PAE 15:13 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE444 Hex Code 885178

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1712 B737-87L Shenzhen Delivered

L/N 5199 C/N 39160 B737-87L B-1712 SHENZHEN
Dep PAE 11:55 PST Arr HNL 16:04 HST
Call Sign CSZ121 Hex Code 780CFF

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

CN-RGB B787-8 Royal Air Maroc First Flight

L/N 248 C/N 43817 B787-8 CN-RGB ROYAL AIR MAROC
Dep PAE 11:49 PST Arr PAE 13:09 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE152 Hex Code 0200CB

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

PR-GXX B737-8EH Gol first Flight

L/N 5224 C/N 41166 B737-8EH PR-GXX GOL Transportes Aereos
Dep RNT 11:46 PST Arr BFI 12:40 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE649 Hex Code E49104

N387DC B737-8GP 9 Air Flown To Victorville

L/N 5202 C/N 39829 B737-8GP N387DC 9 AIR
Dep BFI 10:11 PST Arr VCV 12:06
Call Sign N387DC Hex Code A47599
Lion Air ntu

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1739 B737-9KFER Okay Airways Flown to Spokane,WA for painting

L/N 5223 C/N 41114 B737-9KFER B-1739 OKAY AIRWAYS
Dep BFI 10:13 PST Arr GEG 10:50 PST
Call Sign BOE681 Hex Code 780D58

N8653A B737-8H4 Southwest Airlines Delivered

L/N 5192 C/N 37037 B737-8H4 N8653A SOUTHWEST
Dep BFI 09:49 PST Arr IND 16:26 PST
Call Sign SWA8700 Hex Code ABE42C
Aircraft was painted at Renton

N30913 B787-8 United Airlines Delivered

L/N 238 C/N 35879 B787-8 N30913 UNITED AIRLINES
Dep CHS 12:20 EST Arr DEN 13:30 MST
Call Sign UAL2188 Hex Code A34358

B-2005 B777-39PER China Eastern Delivered

L/N 1259 C/N 43271 B777-39PER B-2005 CHINA EASTERN
Dep PAE 08:35 PST Arr ZSPD/PVG 11:54 CST
Call Sign CES599 Hex Code 780561
(Hexcode previously used with Henan E190 B-3313)

B-1730 B737-89L Shandong Delivered

L/N 5205 C/N 41100 B737-89L B-1730 SHANDONG
Dep BFI 08:12 PST Arr HNL 11:58 HST
Call Sign CDG1730 Hex Code 780D0B

B-1723 B737-89P China Eastern Delivered

L/N 5197 C/N 41511 B737-89P B-1723 CHINA EASTERN
Dep BFI 07:47 PST Arr HNL 11:47 HST
Call Sign CES299 Hex Code 780D21

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

Tuesday 16 December 2014

N831DN B737-932ER Delta Airlines Flown to Boeing Field after painting

L/N 5210 C/N 31942 B737-932ER N831DN DELTA AIRLINES
Dep GEG 13:32 PST Arr BFI 14:12 PST
Call Sign BOE831 Hex Code AB5C69 Fleet #3831

B-1750 B737-89P China United Delivered

L/N 5201 C/N 61308 B737-89P B-1750 CHINA UNITED
Dep BFI 09:25 PST Arr HNL ??:?? HST
Call Sign CUA750 Hex Code 7802FB
Photo credit: HNLRareBirds/Blue wave Group (at HNL)

B-1718 B737-81B China Southern Delivered

L/N 5203 C/N 38934 B737-81B B-1718 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep RNT 08:18 PST ETA HNL 11:58 HST
Call Sign CSN718 Hex Code 780D0D

VT-JTB B737-85R Jet Airways Delivered

L/N 5196 C/N 39070 B737-85R VT-JTB JET AIRWAYS
Dep BFI 13:50 PST Arr YYZ 20:49 EST
Dep YYZ 22:34 EST Arr EINN/SNN 09:37 GMT
Call Sign JAI9051 Hex Code 800B1F

Monday 15 December 2014

A6-BLA B787-9 Etihad Airways Flown to Abu Dhabi

L/N 229 C/N 39646 B787-9 A6-BLA ETIHAD AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 18:53 PST Arr OMAA/AUH 20:43 GST
Call Sign BOE787 Hex Code 8963CE
Aircraft wears temporary registration N1009N
Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

LN-NII B737-8JP Norwegian Delivered

L/N 5204 C/N 43877 B737-8JP LN-NII NORWEGIAN
Dep BFI 13:12 PST ETA OSL 07:00 CET
Call Sign NAX1A Hex Code 47945C

B-1739 B737-9KFER Okay Airways First Flight

L/N 5223 C/N 41114 B737-9KFER B-1739 OKAY AIRWAYS
Dep RNT 12:55 PST Arr BFI 15:04 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE681 Hex Code 780D58

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

N482AG B737-8LP Aviation Capital Group First Flight

L/N 5220 C/N 41842 B737-8LP N482AG Aviation Capital Group
Dep RNT 12:15 PST Arr BFI 14:02 PST via MWH & PAE
Call Sign BOE068 Hex Code A5F00E
Aircraft was painted white at Renton
VQ-BME UT Air ntu

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

VT-ANT B787-8 Air India Flown back to Charleston, SC after painting at Victorville, CA

L/N 250 C/N 36291 B787-8 VT-ANT AIR INDIA
Dep VCV 08:14 PST ETA CHS 14:52 EST
Call Sign BOE248 Hex Code 80073A
52nd Charleston Built Aircraft

Sunday 14 December 2014

N845AM B737-852 Aeromexico First Flight

L/N 5219 C/N 36706 B737-852 N845AM AEROMEXICO
Leased from Jackson Square Aviation
Dep RNT 14:16 PST Arr BFI 16:10 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE282 Hex Code AB9278

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

N821SY B737-8FH Sun Country First Flight

L/N 5217 C/N 39952 B737-8FH N821SY SUN COUNTRY
Leased from RBS Aerospace
Dep RNT 11:59 PST Arr BFI 13:40 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE457 Hex Code AB3639

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards