Friday 16 November 2012

N8325D B737-8H4 Southwest Delivered

L/N 4255 C/N 37003 B737-8H4 N8325D SOUTHWEST
Dep BFI 12:29 PST Arr PAE 12:49 PST
Call Sign SWA8700 Hex Code AB62D3
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (Landing at PAE on delivery flight)

A6-ENB B777-31HER Emirates Delivered

L/N 1055 C/N 41075 B777-31HER A6-ENB EMIRATES
Dep PAE 12:05 PST ETA DXB 16:32 GST
Call Sign UAE777 Hex Code 896304

N8327A B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight

L/N 4269 C/N 37009 B737-8H4 N8327A SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 11:27 PST Arr BFI 13:35 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE626 Hex Code AB6316

EI-EXF B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 4261 C/N 40322 B737-8AS EI-EXF RYANAIR
Dep RNT 10:49 PST Arr BFI 12:55 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE661 Hex Code 4CAA61
Aircraft painted at Renton

B-5695 B737-89L Air China Delivered & Returned & Re-delivered

L/N 4251 C/N 40018 B-5695 B737-89L AIR CHINA
Dep BFI 10:43 PST Arr BFI 11:29 PST
Dep BFI 13:30 PST ETA HNL 14:34 HST
Call Sign CCA051 Hex Code 780910

N5511V (A40-HMS) B747-8H0 BBJ HM Oman Royal Flight First Flight

L/N 1466 C/N 39749 B747-8H0 BBJ N5511V (A4O-HMS)
Dep PAE 09:48 PST Arr PAE 12:55 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE007 Hex Code 70C0B7
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (At PAE day before first flight)

PK-LKL B737-9GPER Lion Air delivered

L/N 4236 C/N 38683 B737-9GPER PK-LKL LION AIR
Dep BFI 08:58 PST ETA HNL 12:50 HST
Call Sign LNI01 Hex Code 8A031F

Thursday 15 November 2012

ZS-ZWC B737-8LD Kalula Delivered

L/N 4252 C/N 40853 B737-8LD ZS-ZWC KALULA
Dep BFI 16:55 PST ETA YQX ??:??z
Call Sign ZSZWC Hex Code 00C453
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Taken at Renton before first flight

N718AN B777-323ER American Airlines First Flight

L/N 1062 C/N 41665 B777-323ER N718AN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 12:52 PST Arr PAE 15:28 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE302 Hex Code A999D2
Photo Credit: Bernie Leighton (Ready to depart PAE on first flight)

B-5652 B737-85N Shandong First Flight

L/N 4271 C/N 39126 B737-85N B-5652 SHANDONG
Dep RNT 12:37 PST Arr BFI 14:48 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE108 Hex Code 780895

B-5702 B737-87L Kunming Airlines First Flight

L/N 4265 C/N 39131 B737-87L B-5702 KUNMING AIRLINES
Transferred from SHENZHEN
Dep RNT 12:11 PST Arr BFI 14:44 PST via EUG
Call Sign BOE726 Hex Code 780966

TC-CPF B737-82R Pegasus First Flight

L/N 4267 C/N 40879 B737-82R TC-CPF Pegasus
Dep RNT 10:02 PST Arr BFI 12:25 via YKM
Call Sign BOE989 Hex Code 4BB406

Wednesday 14 November 2012

SP-LRA B787-8 LOT Delivered

Dep PAE 16:11 PDT ETA WAW 10:38 CET
Call Sign BOE270 Hex Code 48AE00
Delivery ceremony was 12th Nov 2012
Photo Credit: Bernie Leighton (Departing on a test flight from PAE)

ET-APM B737-860 Ethiopian Delivered

L/N 4250 C/N 40962 B737-860 ET-APM ETHIOPIAN
Dep BFI 14:30 PST Arr IAD 22:00 EST
Dep IAD 23:59 EST ETA CDG 13:08 CET
Call Sign ETH9201 Hex Code 04005D
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit: Drewski (Departing BFI on a test flight)

VQ-BRH B747-8HVF Air Bridge Cargo First Flight

Dep PAE 13:14 PST Arr PAE 15:58 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE604 Hex Code 424563
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (At PAE before first flight)

CC-BBC B787-8 Lan Airlines First Flight

L/N 80 C/N 38472 B787-8 CC-BBC LAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 12:44 PST Arr PAE 13:13 PST
Call Sign BOE538 Hex Code E8043A
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (Landing at PAE after first flight)

HZ-AK16 B777-368ER Saudi Arabian First Flight

L/N 1061 C/N 41053 B777-368ER HZ-AK16 SAUDI ARABIAN
Dep PAE 11:54 PST Arr PAE ??:?? PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE231 Hex Code 710058
Photo Credit: Bernie Leighton (Pre-flight tests at PAE)

CC-BDJ 767-316ER Lan Airlines Delivered

L/N 1040 C/N 42213 B767-316ER CC-BDJ LAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 11:37 PST ETA MEX 18:28 CST
Call Sign LAN9998 Hex Code E80437

B-5692 B737-8SH Shanghai Airlines Delivered

L/N 4241 C/N 41301 B737-8SH B-5692 SHANGHAI AIRLINES
Leased from Air Lease Corporation
Dep BFI 08:45 PST ETA HNL 12:06 HST
Call Sign CSH692 Hex Code 78091E
Photo Credit: Blue wave Group (At HNL on delivery flight)

Tuesday 13 November 2012

PR-GUU B737-8EH GOL Delivered

L/N 4248 C/N 39607 B737-8EH PR-GUU GOL Transportes Aereos
Dep BFI 14:51 PST ETA CCS 02:14 VET
Call Sign GLO9290 Hex Code E48B00
Photo Credit: Drewski (Landing at BFI after a test flight)

A7-BCB B787-8 Qatar delivered from Boeing Field

L/N 58 C/N 38320 B787-8 A7-BCB QATAR
Dep BFI 13:23 PST ETA DOH 13:50 AST
Call Sign QTR3787 Hex Code 06A0A6
Photo Credit: Rick Schlamp (Departing BFI on delivery flight)

A6-FEC B737-8KN FlyDubai Delivered

L/N 4243 C/N 40256 B737-8KN A6-FEC FLYDUBAI
Dep BFI 12:05 PST Arr YXX 12:30 PST
Dep YXX ??:?? PST Arr PAE ??:?? PST
Call Sign FDB9737 Hex Code 896334
Aircraft Painted at Renton
Photo Credit: Rick Schlamp (Departing BFI on delivery flight)

N8326F B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight

L/N 4263 C/N 35969 B737-8H4 N8326F SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 11:36 PST Arr BFI ??:?? PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE625 Hex Code AB62F8

Monday 12 November 2012

PT-MUH B777-32WER TAM Brasil Flown back to Everett after painting at Portland

L/N 1059 C/N 38889 B777-32WER PT-MUH TAM BRASIL
Dep PDX 16:21 PST Arr PAE ??:?? PST
Call Sign BOE943 Hex Code E48BAA

VT-JFD B737-8AL Jet Airways Delivered

L/N 4205 C/N 39051 B737-8AL VT-JFD JET AIRWAYS
Leased from Bank of China
Dep BFI 14:20 PDT ETA YQX 00:53 NST
Call Sign JAI9032 Hex Code 80072B
Photo Credit: Rick Schlamp (At BFI after a test flight)

LX-VCA B747-8R7F Cargolux Flown back to Everett after painting at Portland

L/N 1420 C/N 35808 B747-8R7F LX-VCA CARGOLUX
Dep PDX 13:20 PST Arr PAE 16:35 PST
Call Sign BOE501 Hex Code A643C0 (N5020K)

D-ABMK B737-86J Air Berlin First flight

L/N 4264 C/N 37772 B737-86J D-ABMK Air Berlin
Dep RNT 13:16 PST Arr BFI 15:34 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE321 Hex Code 3C49AB

B-5693 B737-89L Air China First Flight

L/N 4262 C/N 40037 B737-89L B-5693 Air China
Dep RNT 11:09 PST Arr BFI 13:07 PST
Call Sign BOE182 Hex Code 780912
Photo Credit: Moonm (Go around at PAE on first flight)

B-5722 B737-89P China United Airlines Delivered

L/N 4245 C/N 41785 B737-89P B-5722 CHINA UNITED AIRLINES
Dep BFI 09:42 PST ETA HNL ??:?? HST
Call Sign CUA577 Hex Code 780981
Aircraft painted at Renton
Photo Credit: Chas (Being worked on the ramp at BFI)

Sunday 11 November 2012

N403AS B737-990ER Alaska Flown from Everett to Sea-Tac

L/N 4242 C/N 41730 B737-990ER N403AS ALASKA
Dep PAE 09:16 PST Arr SEA 09:27 PST
Call Sign ASA9331 Hex Code A4B7D7