Saturday 16 September 2017

N805XA B737-800 Saudi Aramco First Flight & Flown to Spokane, Wa for painting

L/N 6604 C/N 61785 B737-800 N805XA SAUDI ARAMCO
Dep RNT 13:00 PDT Arr GEG 14:52 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE296 Hex Code AAF67E

B-1443 B737-800 Shandong Airlines First Flight

L/N 6600 C/N 61438 B737-800 B-1443 SHANDONG Lsd IBC
Dep RNT 12:49 PDT Arr BFI 15:03 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE252 Hex Code 781173

PH-BVU B777-300ER KLM First Flight

L/N 1521 C/N 61702 B777-300ER PH-BVU KLM
Dep PAE 10:48 PDT Arr PAE 12:33 PDT
Call Sign BOE571 Hex Code 4851F7

B-1313 B737-800 Suparna Airlines Delivered

L/N 6583 C/N 60169 B737-800 B-1313 SUPARNA AIRLINES
Dep BFI 09:23 PDT Arr TSN/ZBTJ 21:32 CST
Call Sign B1313 Hex Code 78121F

(Ferry Flight BFI-HNL-GUM-TSN)

B-1461 B737-700 Kunming Airlines Delivered

L/N 6578 C/N 44394 B737-700 B-1461 KUNMING AIRLINES Lsd CDB Leasing
Dep BFI 08:54 PDT Arr KMG/ZPPP 12:10 CST
Call Sign KNA1461 Hex Code 78118E
Aircraft painted at Renton

(Ferry Flight BFI-HNL-GUM-TSN-KMG)

Friday 15 September 2017

HS-TWA B787-9 Thai Airways Delivered

L/N 602 C/N 38777 B787-9 HS-TWA THAI AIRWAYS lsd ILFC
Dep PAE 21:19 PDT Arr BKK/VTBS 12:12 +07
Call Sign THA8909 Hex Code 8852E1

N278AK B737-900ER Alaska Airlines Delivered

L/N 6584 C/N 44113 B737-900ER N278AK ALASKA AIRLINES
Dep BFI 18:36 PDT Arr SEA 18:47 PDT
Call Sign ASA9809 Hex Code A2C43E

N605UP B747-8F United Parcel Service Flown back to Paine Field from Portland, Or after painting

Dep PDX 16:32 PDT Arr PAE 17:24 PDT
Call Sign BOE531 Hex Code A7DBA2

B-1471 B737-800 China United Airlines First Flight

L/N 6576 C/N 63047 B737-800 B-1471 CHINA UNITED
Dep RNT 14:40 PDT Arr BFI 16:10 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE813 Hex Code 7811B5
Aircraft painted at Renton

N150FE B767-300F Fedex Delivered

L/N 1130 C/N 42729 B767-300F N150FE FEDEX
Dep PAE 13:52 PDT Arr MEM 19:54 CDT
Call Sign FDX9037 Hex Code A0CAB1

N8706W B737-8 MAX Southwest Delivered

L/N 5902 C/N 42559 B737-8 MAX N8706W SOUTHWEST AIRLINES
Dep BFI 12:37 PDT Arr PHX 16:57 MST
Call Sign SWA8702 Hex Code ABF995

B-1449 B737-800 China Eastern Airlines Flown back to Boeing Field from Spokane, Wa after painting

L/N 6590 C/N 61689 B737-800 B-1449 CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES
Dep GEG 11:48 PDT Arr BFI 12:31 PDT
Call Sign BOE556 Hex Code 7811B6

B-1495 B737-800 Hainan Airlines Flown to Portland, Or for painting

L/N 6592 C/N 63614 B737-800 B-1495 HAINAN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 11:47 PDT Arr PDX 12:40 PDT
Call Sign BOE601 Hex Code 7811F5

N8709Q B737-8 MAX Southwest First Flight

L/N 6154 C/N 42563 B737-8 MAX N8709Q SOUTHWEST AIRLINES
Dep RNT 11:18 PDT Arr BFI 13:55 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE009 Hex Code ABF9F8

B-1479 B737-800 Shenzhen Airlines Delivered

L/N 6581 C/N 61128 B737-800 B-1479 SHENZHEN
Dep BFI 10:22 PDT Arr SZX/ZGSZ 10:55 CST
Call Sign CSZ1479 Hex Code 7811AC


Thursday 14 September 2017

N77542 B737-800 United Airlines First Flight & Flown to Spokane, Wa for painting

L/N 6599 C/N 63647 B737-800 N77542 UNITED AIRLINES
Dep RNT 16:33 PDT Arr GEG 17:08 PDT
Call Sign BOE215 Hex Code AA7E99

N79541 B737-800 United Airlines Delivered

L/N 6579 C/N 63725 B737-800 N79541 UNITED AIRLINES
Dep BFI 14:41 PDT Arr MIA 22:12 EDT
Call Sign UAL2685 Hex Code AACD96

JA894A B787-9 All Nippon Airways Flown back to Charleston from Victorville, Ca after painting

L/N 605 C/N 34517 B787-9 JA894A ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep VCV 13:39 PDT Arr CHS 20:27 EDT
Call Sign BOE698 Hex Code 86EF06

N8711Q B737-8 MAX Southwest Delivered

L/N 6272 C/N 36979 B737-8 MAX N8711Q SOUTHWEST AIRLINES
Dep BFI 10:59 PDT Arr PHX 13:24 MST
Call Sign SWA8700 Hex Code ABFC97

VH-YWA B737-800 Virgin Australia Delivered

L/N 6572 C/N 41042 B737-800 VH-YWA VIRGIN AUSTRALIA
Dep BFI 10:51 PDT Arr BNE/YBBN 22:46 AEST
Call Sign VOZ9940 Hex Code 7C7C98
Aircraft Name: Cable Beach
Aircraft painted at Renton

(Ferry Flight - BFI-KOA-NAN-BNE)

N352PS B737-800 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 6596 C/N 33256 B737-800 N352PS AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 09:43 PDT Arr BFI 11:40 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE149 Hex Code A3ED91 Fleet # 3PS

B-7836 787-9 Xiamen Air Delivered

L/N 601 C/N 63042 787-9 B-7836 XIAMEN AIR
Dep CHS 10:42 EST Arr XMN/ZSAM 15:53 CST
Call Sign CXA8199 Hex Code 78110E

Wednesday 13 September 2017

G-CKLZ B787-9 Norwegian Longhaul Delivered

Dep PAE 13:59 PDT Arr OSL/ENGM 06:28 CEST
Call Sign NAX8A Hex Code 407413
Aircraft Name: Proudly Supports UNICEF

XA-ADU B737-800 AeroMexico First Flight

L/N 6591 C/N 61799 B737-800 XA-ADU AEROMEXICO Lsd Avolon
Dep RNT 13:27  PDT Arr BFI 15:33 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE295 Hex Code 0D0A8D

JA05RK B737-800 Japan TransOcean Delivered

L/N 6561 C/N 61479 B737-800 JA05RK JAPAN TRANSOCEAN AIR
Dep BFI 11:56 PDT Arr CTS/RJCC 00:08 JST via ANC
Call Sign JTA9851 Hex Code 8414A9
Aircraft was painted at Renton

Jinbei Jet Livery

B-1496 B737-800 Hainan Airlines Delivered

L/N 6574 C/N 43426 B737-800 B-1496 HAINAN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 10:39 PDT Arr HAK/ZJHK 21:08 CST
Call Sign CHH1496 Hex Code 7811F6

(Ferry Flight BFI-HNL-SPN-HAK)

B-1401 B737-800 China Southern Delivered

L/N 6577 C/N 63234 B737-800 B-1401 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep BFI 08:15 PDT Arr CGO/ZHCC 05:48 CST
Call Sign CSN1 Hex Code 780262

(Ferry Flight BFI-HNL-SPN-CAN-CGO)

Tuesday 12 September 2017

9V-MBA B737-8 MAX Silk Air First Flight

L/N 6535 C/N 44246 B737-8 MAX 9V-MBA SILK AIR
Dep RNT 16:20 PDT Arr BFI 19:04 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE201 Hex Code 76B441
Aircraft painted at Renton

B-1495 B737-800 Hainan Airlines First Flight

L/N 6592 C/N 63614 B737-800 B-1495 HAINAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 13:02 PDT Arr BFI 15:17 PDT via GEG
Call Sign BOE601 Hex Code 7811F5

A6-EQG B777-300ER Emirates First Flight

L/N 1519 C/N 42352 B777-300ER A6-EQG EMIRATES
Dep PAE 11:31 PDT Arr PAE 14:35 PDT via PDX
Call Sign BOE677 Hex Code 89649F

VP-BKA B737-800 Aeroflot Russian Airlines First Flight

L/N 6588 C/N 41239 B737-800 VP-BKA AEROFLOT Lsd Avia Capital
Dep RNT 10:08 PDT Arr BFI 12:09 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE124 Hex Code 424365

B-1301 B737-800 Xiamen Air Delivered

L/N 6573 C/N 42944 B737-800 B-1301 XIAMEN AIR
Dep BFI 08:38 PDT Arr TSN/ZBTJ 11:17 CST
Call Sign CXA8299 Hex Code 781209

(Ferry Flight BFI-HNL-MAJ-GUM-TSN)

Monday 11 September 2017

A7-BEK B777-300ER Qatar Airways Delivered

L/N 1507 C/N 64062 B777-300ER A7-BEK QATAR AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 18:30 PDT Arr OTHH/DOH 16:46 AST
Call Sign QTR3372 Hex Code 06A2AF

N804XA B737-800 Saudi Aramco Delivered

L/N 6567 C/N 61784 B737-800 N804XA SAUDI ARAMCO
Dep BFI 17:30 PDT Arr DMM/OEDF 18:33 AST
Call Sign N804XA Hex Code AAF2C7

(Ferry Flight BFI-BGR-STN-DMM)

B-1596 B737-800 Ruili Airlines Flown back to Boeing Field from Spokane, Wa after painting

L/N 6580 C/N 60463 B737-800 B-1596 RUILI AIRLINES Lsd VEB Leasing
Dep GEG 15:21 PDT Arr BFI 16:07 PDT
Call Sign BOE492 Hex Code 7810CC

LV-GVC B737-800 Aerolineas Argentinas Delivered

Dep BFI 12:00 PDT Arr EZE/SAEZ 21:43 AST via PUJ
Call Sign ARG1085 Hex Code E07583

EI-FZZ B737-800 Ryanair First Flight & Flown to Spokane, Wa for painting

L/N 6593 C/N 44796 B737-800 EI-FZZ RYANAIR
Dep RNT 11:57 PDT Arr GEG 13:40 PDT
Call Sign BOE101 Hex Code 4CABB1

N346PR B737-800 American Airlines Delivered

L/N 6565 C/N 31273 B737-800 N346PR AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 09:51 PDT Arr TUL 15:14 CDT
Call Sign AAL9701 Hex Code A3D4ED Fleet # 3PR

G-ZBJI B787-8 British Airways First Flight

Dep PAE 08:59 PDT Arr PAE 11:50 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE458 Hex Code 40731C

Sunday 10 September 2017

JA870J B787-9 Japan Airlines First Flight

L/N 611 C/N 35425 B787-9 JA870J JAPAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 11:02 PDT Arr PAE 14:03 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE425 Hex Code 86E75E

B-1403 B737-800 China Southern First Flight

L/N 6586 C/N 63247 B737-800 B-1403 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep RNT 10:48 PDT Arr BFI 12:10 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE409 Hex Code 781122
Aircraft painted at Renton

B-1315 B737-800 Suparna Airlines First Flight

L/N 6587 C/N 64017 B737-800 B-1315 SUPARNA AIRLINES
Dep RNT 10:38 PDT Arr BFI 12:54 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE610 Hex Code 781220