Saturday 7 April 2018

B-1278 B737-800 China United Airlines First Flight & Flown to Spokane, Wa for painting

L/N 6905 C/N 63060 B737-800 B-1278 CHINA UNITED AIRLINES
Dep RNT 14:22 PDT Arr GEG 14:59 PDT
Call Sign: BOE816 Hex Code: 781388

F-HRBF B787-9 Air France Delivered

L/N 687 C/N 42488 B787-9 F-HBRF AIR FRANCE
Dep PAE 14:10 PDT Arr CDG/LFPG 08:37 CEST
Call Sign: AFR787V Hex Code: 39C425

Friday 6 April 2018

B-1103 B737-800 Hainan Airlines Flown back to Boeing Field from Spokane, Wa after painting

L/N 6894 C/N 44400 B737-800 B-1103 HAINAN AIRLINES
Dep GEG 13:59 PDT Arr BFI 14:54 PDT
Call Sign: BOE726 Hex Code: 7813A5

B-1226 B737-800 Shandong Airlines First Flight

L/N 6902 C/N 61439 B737-800 B-1226 SHANDONG AIRLINES
Dep RNT 13:33 PDT Arr BFI 15:47 PDT via MWH
Call Sign: BOE257 Hex Code: 78134E

N158FE B767-300F Federal Express Delivered

L/N 1146 C/N 63097 B767-300F N158FE FEDERAL EXPRESS
Dep PAE 13:09 PDT Arr IND 19:22 EDT
Call Sign: FDX9036 Hex Code: A0E869

N895DN B737-900 Delta Airlines First Flight

L/N 6891 C/N 32003 B737-900 N895DN DELTA AIRLINES
Dep RNT 12:21 PDT Arr BFI 14:36 PDT via MWH
Call Sign: BOE895 Hex Code: AC583F

C-FVLZ B787-9 Air Canada First Flight

L/N 696 C/N 38358 B787-9 C-FVLZ AIR CANADA
Dep PAE 09:33 PDT Arr PAE 10:38 PDT
Call Sign: BOE583 Hex Code: C038AC

Thursday 5 April 2018

9V-SCC B787-10 Singapore Airlines First Flight

Dep CHS 16:10 EDT Arr CHS 18:22 EDT
Call Sign: BOE005 Hex Code: 76CC63

B-1387 B737-8 MAX Hainan Airlines First Flight

L/N 6758 C/N 62196 B737-8 MAX B-1387 HAINAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 12:39 PDT Arr BFI 15:05 PDT via MWH
Call Sign: BOE758 Hex Code: 7812ED

G-VNYL B787-9 Virgin Atlantic Airways Flown back to Charleston from Portland, Or after painting

Dep PDX 11:37 PDT Arr CHS 18:42 EDT
Call Sign: BOE043 Hex Code: 407371

EI-GJN B737-800 Ryanair First Flight

L/N 6896 C/N 44838 B737-800 EI-GJN RYANAIR
Dep RNT 10:47 PDT Arr BFI 13:03 PDT via MWH
Call Sign: BOE136 Hex Code: 4CACDB
Aircraft painted at Renton 

N8568Z B737-800 Southwest Airlines First Flight

L/N 6900 C/N 64248 B737-800 N8568Z SOUTHWEST AIRLINES
Dep RNT 10:24 PDT Arr BFI 12:17 PDT via PAE
Call Sign: BOE698 Hex Code: ABC12A

169338 B737-800A US Navy Delivered

L/N 6595 C/N 63186 B737-800A 169338 US NAVY
Dep BFI 09:10 PDT Arr NHK 15:10 EDT
Call Sign: VVRC338 Hex Code: AE5C64
Aircraft painted at Renton

B-1261 B737-8 MAX Shanghai Airlines First Flight

L/N 6796 C/N 61629 B737-8 MAX B-1261 SHANGHAI AIRLINES
Dep RNT 09:01 PDT Arr BFI 12:02 PDT via MWH
Call Sign: BOE609 Hex Code: 781371

Wednesday 4 April 2018

PH-HXM B737-800 Transavia Flown back to Boeing Field from Spokane, Wa after painting

L/N 6889 C/N 62165 B737-800 PH-HXM TRANSAVIA
Dep GEG 14:04 PDT Arr BFI 14:51 PDT
Call Sign: BOE669 Hex Code: 484C9B

TF-ICY B737-8 MAX Icelandair Delivered

L/N 6839 C/N 44354 B737-8 MAX TF-ICY ICELANDAIR
Dep BFI 10:48 PDT Arr KEF 12:50 GMT
Call Sign: ICE6030 Hex Code: 4CC50F
Aircraft painted at Renton

HZ-AR23 B787-9 Saudia Airlines First Flight

L/N 683 C/N 40049 B787-9 HZ-AR23 SAUDIA AIRLINES
Dep CHS 13:14 EDT Arr CHS 15:39 EDT
Call Sign: BOE707 Hex Code: 710415

Tuesday 3 April 2018

TF-ICU B737-8 MAX Icelandair Delivered

L/N 6866 C/N 44355 B737-8 MAX TF-ICU ICELANDAIR
Dep BFI 16:31 PDT Arr KEF 06:26 GMT
Call Sign: ICE6032 Hex Code: 4CC510

A9C-FA B787-9 Gulf Air Flown to Bahrain for display during Bahrain GP

L/N 689 C/N 39996 B787-9 A9C-FA GULF AIR
Dep PAE 14:14 PDT Arr KHB/OBKH 14:09 +03
Call Sign: BOE858 Hex Code: 89408B
Using Temp Reg N1789B / Hex A13A7A

C-FSIL B737-8 MAX Air Canada Delivered

L/N 6830 C/N 61214 B737-8 MAX C-FSIL AIR CANADA
Dep BFI 09:23 PDT Arr YLW 10:04 PDT
Call Sign: ACA7055 Hex Code: C03064

9V-SCB B787-10 Singapore Airlines Delivered

Dep CHS 08:40 EDT Arr KIX/RJBB 12:12 JST
Call Sign: SIA8878 Hex Code: 76CC62

UR-UIB B737-800 Ukraine International Airlines Delivered

Dep BFI 00:16 PDT Arr KEF 14:34 GMT
Call Sign: AUI7378 Hex Code: 5083CC

Monday 2 April 2018

XA-MAK B737-8 MAX Aeromexico Delivered

L/N 6859 C/N 43705 B737-8 MAX XA-MAK AEROMEXICO
Dep BFI 16:37 PDT Arr MEX 23:17 CST
Call Sign: AMX8536 Hex Code: 0D0ACD
Aircraft painted at Renton

N2747U B777-300 United Airlines Flown to Portland, Or for painting

L/N 1554 C/N 64991 B777-300 N2747U UNITED AIRLINES
Dep PAE 11:10 PDT Arr PDX 11:45 PDT
Call Sign: BOE554 Hex Code: A2B8B8

C-FSJH B737-8 MAX Air Canada First Flight

L/N 6886 C/N 61218 B737-8 MAX C-FSJH AIR CANADA
Dep RNT 10:33 PDT Arr BFI 13:15 PDT via MWH
Call Sign: BOE461 Hex Code: C0307A