Saturday 19 December 2015

A6-EPI B777-31HER Emirates Flown to Everett from Portland after Painting

L/N 1364 C/N 42328 B777-31HER A6-EPI EMIRATES
Dep PDX 14:59 PST Arr PAE 15:38 PST
Call Sign BOE652 Hex Code 8963D8

Friday 18 December 2015

A6-EPH B777-31HER Emirates Delivered

L/N 1360 C/N 42327 B777-31HER A6-EPH EMIRATES
Dep PAE 13:16 PST Arr OMDB/DXB 13:54 GST
Call Sign UAE7777 Hex Code 8963D7

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards
Woodys Aeroimages

B-2049 B777-31BER China Southern Delivered

L/N 1358 C/N 43225 B777-31BER B-2049 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep PAE 10:14 PST Arr ZGGG/CAN 14:43 CST
Call Sign CSN49 Hex Code 780E06

SkyTeam Livery

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards
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Thursday 17 December 2015

N812AA B787-8 American Airlines Delivered

L/N 378 C/N 40630 787-8 N812AA AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 11:45 PST Arr DFW 16:37 CST
Call Sign AAL9703 Hex Code AB10CB Fleet 8AN

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards
Woodys Aeroimages

CC-BGG B787-9 Lan Airlines Delivered

L/N 382 C/N 38461 B787-9 CC-BGG LAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 09:44 PST Arr SCEL/SCL 01:56 CLT
Call Sign LAN1345 Hex Code E8044B

G-VSPY B787-9 Virgin Atlantic Delivered

Dep CHS 01:04 EST Arr EGLL/LHR 13:28 GMT
Call Sign VIR827 Hex Code 406D4D
Aircraft Named: Miss Moneypenny

Wednesday 16 December 2015

PR-GYC B737-8EH GOL Delivered

L/N 5703 C/N 40742 B737-8EH PR-GYC GOL Transportes Aereos
Dep BFI 21:10 PST ETA CCS 09:19 VET
Call Sign GLO9990 Hex Code E49223

N598DS B737-8FV P-8A United States Navy First Flight

L/N 5623 C/N 44939 B737-8FV P-8A N598DS (168998) UNITED STATES NAVY
Dep RNT 11:35 PST Arr BFI 14:03 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE048 Hex Code A7BB7B
Aircraft was painted at Renton

G-VDIA B787-9 Virgin Atlantic Flown to Acadiana, LA for painting

Dep CHS 12:57 EST Arr ARA 13:41 CST
Call Sign BOE036 Hex Code 406E10

Tuesday 15 December 2015

7T-VKL B737-8D6 Air Algerie Delivered

L/N 5700 C/N 60748 B737-8D6 7T-VKL AIR ALGERIE
Dep BFI 15:12  PST Arr CYQX / YQX ??:?? NST
Call Sign 7TVKL Hex Code 0A008B
Aircraft was painted at Renton

Photo Credit: Jordan Arens

HB-JNA B777-3DE(ER) Swiss Int'l Airlines First Flight

Dep PAE 14:36 PST Arr PAE 16:08 PST
Call Sign BOE576 Hex Code 4B1916

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards
Woodys Aeroimages

HZ-AK74 B777-FFG Saudi Cargo Delivered

L/N 1354 C/N 60340 B777-FFG HZ-AK74 SAUDIA CARGO
Dep PAE 13:35 PST Arr OEJN/JED 13:45 AST
Call Sign SVA9038 Hex Code 710103

EI-FOC B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 5719 C/N 44714 B737-8AS EI-FOC RYANAIR
Leased from Aviation Finance and Leasing S.à.r.l.
Dep RNT 11:45 PST Arr BFI 13:55 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE719 Hex Code 4CA5E8
(Call sign should be BOE1 but clashes with KC-46)

Sunday 13 December 2015

B-6993 B737-89P Shanghai Airlines First Flight

L/N 5713 C/N 41505 B737-89P B-6993 SHANGHAI AIRLINES
Dep RNT 12:52 PST Arr BFI 14:59 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE338 Hex Code 780EB2
Aircraft was painted at Renton
China Eastern ntu

PK-GNV B737-8U3 Garuda First Flight

L/N 5716 C/N 41815 B737-8U3 PK-GNV GARUDA Lsd ILFC
Dep RNT 12:45 PST Arr BFI 14:38 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE417 Hex Code 8A0535

A6-RJU B737-77W BBJ Royal Jet First Flight

L/N 5718 62468 B737-77W BBJ A6-RJU ROYAL JET
Dep RNT 12:12 PST Arr BFI 14:32 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE145 Hex Code 896448