Saturday 18 September 2010

N5020K (TC-JJE) B777-3F2ER TC-JJE Turkish Airlines flown to Portland for painting

L/N 895 C/N 40707 B777-3F2ER N5020K (TC-JJE) TURKISH AIRLINES
Dep PAE 13:07 PDT Arr PDX 13:46 PDT
Call Sign BOE895 Hex Code A643C0 (N5020K) Sel-Cal AS-BJ
FMC Call Sign BON5020
Photo Credit: Sabian404 (Photo taken arriving at PDX for painting)

B-5533 B737-85C Xiamen Delivered

L/N 3403 C/N 37152 B737-85C B-5533 XIAMEN
Dep BFI 08:19 PDT Arr 10:52 HST
Call Sign CXA5533 Hex Code 780683
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit: John (photo taken at RNT performing a engine run)

Friday 17 September 2010

N5020K (TC-JJE) B777-3F2ER Turkish Airlines First Flight

L/N 895 C/N 40707 B777-3F2ER N5020K (TC-JJE) TURKISH AIRLINES
Dep PAE 15:30 PDT Arr PAE 17:23 PDT
Call Sign BOE895 Hex Code A643C0 (N5020K) Sel-Cal AS-BJ
FMC Call Sign BON5020
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby
(Photo taken of high speed taxi before first flight)

EI-ENC B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3419 C/N 34980 B737-8AS EI-ENC RYANAIR
Dep RNT 09:55 PDT Arr MWH 11:13 PDT
Dep MWH 11:54 PDT Arr BFI 12:32 PDT
Call Sign BOE591 Hex Code 4CA88F

PK-GFG B737-8BK Garuda Delivered

L/3402 C/N 37819 B737-8BK PK-GFG GARUDA
Leased from CIT Leasing Corp
Dep BFI 11:19 PDT Arr HNL 13:50 HST
Call Sign GIA8011 Hex Code 8A0240

Thursday 16 September 2010

LN-DYE B737-8JP Norwegian Air Shuttle Delivered

Dep BFI 13:59 PDT ETA AES 05:20z (Alesund, Vigra Airport)
Call Sign NAX8D Hex Code 478535

VH-VUW B737-8KG Virgin Blue Delivered

L/N 3398 C/N 39449 B737-8KG VH-VUW VIRGIN BLUE
Leased from Dubai Aerospace Enterprise
Dep BFI 11:18 PDT ETA LIH 14:01 HST
Call Sign VBH9082 Hex Code 7C6D36
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit:Sabian404(Photo taken at BFI departing on a test flight)

TC-SNT B737-8HC Sun Express Delivered

L/N 3400 C/N 40755 B737-8HC TC-SNT SUN EXPRESS
Dep BFI 09:28 PDT ETA KEF 23:42z
Call Sign SXS027 Hex Code 4BCDD4
Used Hex Code A354DD (N3134C) on first flight
Routing: BFI-KEF-AYT

EI-EGD B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3420 C/N 34981 B737-8AS EI-EGD RYANAIR
Dep BFI 09:10 PDT Arr BFI 11:15 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE592 Hex Code 4CA890
Registration allocated EI-END but ntu

B-5532 B737-85C Xiamen Delivered 15th Sept

L/N 3397 C/N 37151 B737-85C B-5532 XIAMEN
Dep BFI 08:32 PDT Arr HNL 11:25 HST
Call Sign CXA5532 Hex Code 780685

Wednesday 15 September 2010

N852NN B737-823 American Airlines Delivered

L/N 3396 C/N 40581 B737-823 N852NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 15:30 PDT Arr ORD 20:39 CDT
Call Sign AAL9702 Hex Code ABAFFF

VH-VUX B737-8FE Virgin Blue First Flight

L/N 3415 C/N 37823 B737-8FE VH-VUX VIRGIN BLUE
Dep RNT 13:03 PDT Arr MWH 14:25 PDT
Dep MWH 14:40 PDT Arr RNT 15:07 PDT
Call Sign BOE706 Hex Code 7C6D37 Sel-Cal AR-GP

D-AALG B777-FZN Aerologic First Flight

Leased from Deucalion capital
Dep PAE 10:57 PDT Arr MWH 12:15 PDT
Dep MWH 12:32 PDT ARR PAE 13:12 PDT
Call Sign BOE087 Hex Code 3C4587 Sel-Cal DL-CS
Photo Credit:Matt Cawby

Tuesday 14 September 2010

EI-ENA B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3416 C/N 34983 B737-8AS EI-ENA
Dep RNT 13:37 PDT Arr MWH 14:57 PDT
Dep MWH 15:15 PDT Arr BFI 15:39 PDT
Call Sign BOE589 Hex Code 4CA88C

Monday 13 September 2010

PK-LHJ B737-9GPER Lion Air First Flight

L/N 3411 C/N 37272 B737-9GPER PK-LHJ LION AIR
Dep RNT 12:12 PDT Arr MWH 12:54 PDT
Dep MWH 13:12 PDT ETA BFI 14:12 PDT
Call Sign BOE075 Hex Code 8A00A6 Sel-Cal AS-LR

JA62AN B737-881 All Nippon Airways First Flight

L/N 3414 C/N 33899 B737-881 JA62AN ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep RNT 11:12 PDT ETA MWH 12:42 PDT
Dep MWH 13:03 PDT Arr BFI 13:27 PDT
Call Sign BOE062 Hex Code 862338

HL8235 B737-8KG t'way Delivered 10th Sept

L/N 3362 C/N 39448 B737-8KG HL8235 T'WAY
Leased from Dubai Aerospace Enterprise
Dep BFI 15:30 ? PDT ETA ANC ??:??
Call Sign ?????? Hex Code 71C325 ! Mis-Code
Hex Code should of been 71C235
Aircraft originally allocated to BLUE AIR YR-???
Hansung Airlines renamed t'way
The aircraft was painted all white at Renton
& painted in full colours at Boeing Field

N854NN B737-823 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 3412 C/N 33214 B737-823 N854NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 11:02 PDT Arr MWH 11:33 PDT
Dep MWH 11:56 PDT Arr BFI 12:56 PDT
Call Sign BOE264 Hex Code ABB76D Sel-Cal AD-GJ

N851NN B737-823 American Airlines Delivered

L/N 3390 C/N 29556 B737-823 N851NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 10:17 PDT Arr ORD 15:28 CDT
Call Sign AAL9701 Hex Code ABAC48 Sel-Cal AD-HJ
Photo Credit: Sabian404 (Photo taken departing BFI on delivery)

Sunday 12 September 2010

PH-BGL B737-7K2 KLM First Flight

L/N 3407 C/N 30369 B737-7K2 PH-BGL
Dep RNT 09:33 PDT Arr BFI 11:12 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE698 Hex Code 484B92
Aircraft was painted at Renton