Saturday 31 January 2015

9V-OJA B787-9 Scoot Delivered

L/N 240 C/N 37112 B787-9 9V-OJA SCOOT
Dep PAE 23:03 PST Arr RJBB/KIX ??:??
Call Sign SCO787 Hex Code 76BD41

Photo Credit: Steve Bailey

A7-BCT B787-8 Qatar Flown back to Everett, WA after painting at Portland, OR

L/N 266 C/N 38338 B787-8 A7-BCT QATAR
Dep PDX 16:25 PST Arr PAE 17:08 PST
Call Sign BOE479 Hex Code 06A0B8
Wore test reg N10187.

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1787 B737-84P Hainan First Flight

L/N 5277 C/N 41379 B737-84P B-1787 HAINAN
Dep RNT 15:48 PST ARR BFI 16:46 PST
Call Sign BOE887 Hex Code 780DBF

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

N8660A B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight

L/N 5273 C/N 36654 B737-8H4 N8660A SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 15:07 PST Arr BFI 17:11 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE684 Hex Code ABE77A

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1771 B737-8Q8 Donghai Airlines First Flight

L/N 5274 C/N 41803 B737-8Q8 B-1771 DONGHAI AIRLINES Lsd ILFC
Dep RNT 14:49 PST Arr BFI 16:15 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE207 Hex Code 780D8E

ET-ASG B787-8 Ethiopian Airlines Delivered

Dep PAE 10:41 PST Arr HAAB/ADD 12:22 EAT
Call Sign ETH9201 Hex Code 040101

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

Friday 30 January 2015

PK-LBV B737-8GP Batik Air Delivered

L/N 5255 C/N 39831 B737-8GP PK-LBV BATIK AIR
Dep BFI 23:24 PST Arr HNL 04:09 HST
Call Sign BTK01 Hex Code 8A04E3

VQ-BVO B737-8LJ Aeroflot Delivered

L/N 5253 C/N 41203 B737-8LJ VQ-BVO AEROFLOT Lsd Avia Capital
Dep BFI 23:08 PST Arr BIKF/KEF 14:07 GMT
Call Sign AFL7617 Hex Code 4243D5

Photo Credit: Steve Bailey

C-GHQQ B787-8 Air Canada Delivered

L/N 254 C/N 35263 B787-8 C-GHQQ AIR CANADA
Dep CHS 19:24 EST Arr MCI 20:39 CST
Call Sign ACA7187 Hex Code C058D5 Fleet #807
53rd Charleston Built Aircraft

A6-ENY B777-31HER Emirates Flown to Portland OR for Painting

L/N 1276 C/N 42122 B777-31HER A6-ENY EMIRATES Lsd Air Lease
Dep PAE 15:01 PST Arr PDX 16:27 PST
Call Sign BOE932 Hex Code 89631B

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-5826 B737-76D Shanghai First Flight

 L/N 5272 C/N 39313 B737-76D B-5826 SHANGHAI
Dep RNT 14:53 PST Arr BFI 16:53 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE584 Hex Code 780D7B

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1739 B737-9KFER Okay Airways Delivered

L/N 5223 C/N 41114 B737-9KFER B-1739 OKAY AIRWAYS
Dep BFI 12:59 PST Arr HNL 17:08 HST
Call Sign OKA1739 Hex Code 780D58

LX-VCL B747-8R7F Cargolux First Flight

L/N 1504 C/N 35823 B747-8R7F LX-VCL CARGOLUX
Dep PAE 10:58 PST Arr PAE 13:52 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE512 Hex Code 4D0116

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

TC-JJV B777-3F2ER Turkish Airlines First Flight

Dep PAE 10:17 PST Arr PAE 12:06 PST
Call Sign BOE536 Hex Code 4BA956

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1743 B737-85N Shandong Delivered

L/N 5256 C/N 41620 B737-85N B-1743 SHANDONG
Dep BFI 09:23 PST Arr HNL 14:17 HST
Call Sign CDG1743 Hex Code 780D59
Aircraft was painted at Renton

B-1740 B737-86D Shanghai Delivered

L/N 5259 C/N 39312 B737-86D B-1740 SHANGHAI
Dep BFI 09:20 PST Arr HNL 13:57 HST
Call Sign CSH576 Hex Code 780D54

Thursday 29 January 2015

G-TUIG B787-8 Thomson Delivered

L/N 260 C/N 36426 B787-8 G-TUIG THOMSON
Dep CHS 18:27 EST Arr MAN 06:12z
Call Sign TOM830 Hex Code 406C6D
55th Charleston Built Aircraft

N69840 B737-924ER United Delivered

L/N 5246 C/N 42181 B737-924ER N69840 UNITED
Dep BFI 14:24 PST Arr SEA 14:38 PST
Call Sign UAL2190 Hex Code A94B6B
Aircraft was painted at Renton

N68843 B737-924ER United First Flight

L/N 5271 C/N 60317 B737-924ER N68843 UNITED
Dep RNT 14:17 PST Arr BFI 16:40 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE033 Hex Code A923EF

B-2750 B787-8 Hainan Flown back to Charleston, SC after painting at Acadiana Rgnl, LA

L/N 262 C/N 34942 B787-8 B-2750 HAINAN
Dep ARA 15:34 CST Arr CHS 18:00 EST
Call Sign BOE438 Hex Code 780D65
56th Charleston Built Aircraft

C-FUMF B737-8CT WestJet Delivered

L/N 5248 C/N 60128 B737-8CT C-FUMF WESTJET
Dep BFI 13:17 PST ETA YYC 15:26 MST
Call Sign WJA8964 Hex Code C0360E Fleet #835

HZ-AK25 B777-368ER Saudia Delivered

L/N 1269 C/N 42263 B777-368ER HZ-AK25 SAUDIA
Dep PAE 13:00 PST ETA JED 13:06 AST
Call Sign SVA9025 Hex Code 7100B3

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

N113FE B767-3S2F FEDEX Delivered

L/N 1076 C/N 42711 B767-3S2F N113FE FEDEX
Dep PAE 12:46 PST Arr MEM 18:16 CST
Call Sign FDX9067 Hex Code A037DA

Photo Credit: Daniel Gorun

B-KQV B777-367ER Cathay Pacific Flown back to Everett after painting at Portland. OR

L/N 1273 C/N 41765 B777-367ER B-KQV CATHAY PACIFIC
Dep PDX 12:38 PST Arr PAE 13:53 PST
Call Sign BOE527 Hex Code 780A8A

N68842 B737-924ER United Delivered

L/N 5258 C/N 42183 B737-924ER N68842 UNITED
Dep BFI 12:35 PST Arr SEA 12:53 PST
Call Sign UAL2189 Hex Code A923EE
Aircraft was painted at Renton

D-ABYS B747-830 Lufthansa First Flight

L/N 1512 C/N 37843 B737-830 D-ABYS LUFTHANSA
Dep PAE 12:11 PST Arr PAE 14:36 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE038 Hex Code 3C4B33

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

N965NN B737-823 American Airlines Delivered

L/N 5251 C/N 33239 B737-823 N965NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 11:20 PST Arr TUL 16:33 CST
Call Sign AAL9701 Hex Code AD6FF2 Fleet #3MG

A6-ENY B777-31HER Emirates First Flight

L/N 1276 C/N 42122 B777-31HER A6-ENY EMIRATES Lsd Air Lease
Dep PAE 11:19 PST Arr PAE 14:06 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE932 Hex Code 89631B

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

C-GHQY B787-8 Air Canada Flown to Acadiana Rgnl, LA for painting

L/N 265 C/N 35264 B787-8 C-GHQY AIR CANADA
Dep CHS 12:28 EST Arr ARA 13:06 CST
Call Sign BOE617 Hex Code C058DD Fleet #808
57th Charleston Built Aircraft

B-1770 B737-8Q8 Donghai Airlines Delivered

L/N 5228 C/N 41802 B737-8Q8 B-1770 DONGHAI AIRLINES Lsd ILFC
Dep RNT 08:45 PDT Arr HNL ??:?? HST
Call Sign EPA282 Hex Code 780D8D
Aircraft was painted at Renton

Wednesday 28 January 2015

N8659D B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight & Flown to Spokane, WA for painting

L/N 5269 C/N 36901 B737-8H4 N8659D SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 14:32 PST Arr GEG 15:53 PST
Call Sign BOE683 Hex Code ABE501

D-ATUN B737-8K5 Tuifly Delivered

L/N 5252 C/N 41660 B737-8K5 D-ATUN TUIFLY
Dep BFI 13:00 PST Arr ??? ??:??
Call Sign TUI994P Hex Code 3C0CA6
Aircraft was painted at Renton

B-1761 B737-89L Air China First Flight

L/N 5265 C/N 41102 B737-89L B-1761 AIR CHINA
Dep RNT 12:04 PST Arr BFI 14:13 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE920 Hex Code 780D80
Aircraft was painted at Renton

N833DN B737-932ER Delta Airlines Delivered

L/N 5250 C/N 31944 B737-932ER N833DN DELTA AIRLINES
Dep BFI 11:31 PST Arr ATL 18:48 EST
Call Sign DAL9933 Hex Code AB63D7 Fleet #3833

Photo Credit: Steve Bailey

VH-VKI N787-8 Jetstar Delivered

L/N 257 C/N 36235 B787-8 VH-VKI JETSTAR
Dep PAE 10:23 PST Arr YMML/MEL 21:49 AEDT
Call Sign JST7992 Hex Code 7C6BC0
54th Charleston Built Aircraft

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

PK-GNP B737-86N Garuda Delivered

L/N 5245 C/N 41605 B737-86N PK-GNP GARUDA
Dep BFI 08:22 PST Arr HNL 12:16 HST
Call Sign GIA8011 Hex Code 8A04F3

Tuesday 27 January 2015

9V-SWZ B777-312ER Singapore Airlines Delivered

Dep PAE 18:27 PST Arr WSSS/SIN 02:26 SGT
Call Sign SIA8877 Hex Code 76CEFA

C-GHQY B787-8 Air Canada First Flight

L/N 265 C/N 35264 B787-8 C-GHQY AIR CANADA
Dep CHS 12:48 EST Arr CHS 15:12 EST
Call Sign BOE617 Hex Code C058DD Fleet #808
57th Charleston Built Aircraft

B-1772 B737-89P China Eastern Delivered

L/N 5244 C/N 41470 B737-89P B-1772 CHINA EASTERN
Dep BFI 08:33 PST Arr HNL 12:30 PST
Call Sign CES9003 Hex Code 780D99
Aircraft was painted at Renton

B-1736 B737-81B China Southern Delivered

L/N 5247 C/N 41326 B737-81B B-1736 CHINA SOUTHERN Lsd Air Lease
Dep BFI 07:56 PST Arr HNL 12:02 HST
Call Sign CSN736 Hex Code 780D40

Monday 26 January 2015

D-ABYR B747-830 Lufthansa Delivered

L/N 1511 C/N 37842 B747-830 D-ABYR LUFTHANSA
Dep PAE 14:57 PST Arr EDDF/FRA 08:45 CET
Call Sign DLH8975 Hex Code 3C4B32

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

B-1746 B737-85N Shandong First Flight

L/N 5266 C/N 41622 B737-85N B-1746 SHANDONG
Dep RNT 13:16 PST Arr BFI 15:28 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE133 Hex Code 780D5B

Sunday 25 January 2015

B-2092 B777-FFT Air China Cargo Flown back to Everett, WA after painting at Victorville, CA

L/N 1272 C/N 44683 B777-FFT B-2092 AIR CHINA CARGO
Dep VCV 14:59 PST Arr PAE 16:57 PST
Call Sign BOE171 Hex Code 780C5C

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards

PK-LBW B737-8GP Batik Air First Flight

L/N 5267 C/N 39834 B737-8GP PK-LBW BATIK AIR
Dep RNT 12:43 PST Arr BFI 14:50 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE772 Hex Code 8A04E4

Photo Credit: Steve Bailey

B-1756 B737-87L Shenzhen First Flight

L/N 5264 C/N 40823 B737-87L B-1756 SHENZHEN
Dep RNT 11:13 PST Arr BFI 13:26 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE752 Hex Code 780D67

Photo Credit: Steve Bailey

9V-MGI B737-8SA Silk Air First Flight

L/N 5260 C/N 44225 B737-8SA 9V-MGI SILK AIR
Dep RNT 09:50 PST Arr BFI 12:40 PST via MWH & GEG
Call Sign BOE469 Hex Code 76B4E9

XA-AMR B787-8 Aeromexico First Flight

L/N 264 C/N 36844 B787-8 XA-AMR AEROMEXICO
Dep PAE 09:10 PST Arr PAE PST 11:58 via MWH & GEG
Call Sign BOE784 Hex Code 0D085D

Photo Credit: Daniel Gorun

HZ-AK71 B777-FFG Saudia Cargo Flown to Victorville CA for Painting

L/N 1264 C/N 60337 B777-FFG HZ-AK71 SAUDIA CARGO
Dep PAE 08:32 PST Arr VCV 10:27 PST
Call Sign BOE181 Hex Code 710100

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards