Friday 12 March 2010

EI-EKT B737-8AS Ryanair Delivered

L/N 3206 C/N 38505 B737-8AS EI-EKT RYANAIR
Dep BFI 21:44 PST ETA DUB 14:31 Local on 13th March
Call Sign RYR800T Hex Code 4CA813
File Photo EI-EKT after a test flight
Photo Credit: Drewski

EI-EKW B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3221 C/N 38506 B737-8AS EI-EKW RYANAIR
Dep RNT 12:20 PST Arr BFI 14:17 PST via a go around at PAE
Call Sign BOE569 Hex Code 4CA815

EI-EKX B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3222 C/N 35030 B737-8AS EI-EKX RYANAIR
Dep RNT 08:57 PST Arr MWH 09:59 PST
Dep MWH 10:20 PST Arr BFI 10:54 PST
Call Sign BOE570 Hex Code 4CA816

Thursday 11 March 2010

EI-EKS B737-8AS Ryanair Delivered

L/N 3203 C/N 38504 B737-8AS EI-EKS RYANAIR
Dep BFI 21:46 PST ETA 14:35 Local on 12th March
Call Sign RYR800S Hex Code 4CA812
Photo credit: Drewski

EI-EKR B737-8AS Ryanair Delivered

L/N 3202 C/N 38503 B737-8AS EI-EKR RYANAIR
Dep BFI 21:36 PST ETA DUB 14:25 Local on 12th March
Call Sign RYR800R Hex Code 4CA811
Photo credit: Drewski

LN-NOV B737-8FZ Norwegian Air Shuttle First Flight

Dep RNT 11:40 PST Arr BFI 13:50 PST via a go around at PAE
Call Sign BOE122 Hex Code 4786FD
Photo Credit: Seahawks7757 Landing at BFI after a test flight

PR-GGZ B737-8EH GOL Delivered to Greensboro & onwards to CCS

L/N 3205 C/N 37600 B737-8EH PR-GGZ GOL Transportes Aereos
Dep BFI 12:45 PST Arr GSO 20:23 EST
Dep GSO 13th March 16:13 EST ETA CCS 14th March 01:22z
Call Sign PRGGZ Hex Code E484FB
This is delivered to Greensboro to have seats fitted
Photo Credit: Seahawks7757 (shown airborne on delivery)

N829NN B737-823 American Airlines Delivered

L/N 3200 C/N 33210 B737-823 N829NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 10:34 PST Arr ORD 16:07 CST
Call Sign AAL9702 Hex Code AB5383

Photo credit:Drewski

Wednesday 10 March 2010

JA327J B737-846 JAL Express Delivered

L/N 3201 C/N 35356 B737-846 JA327J JAL EXPRESS
Dep BFI 14:05 PST ETA HNL 18:04 HST
Call Sign JAL7901 Hex Code 851580
Photo credit:Steeldreams (shown airborne on delivery)

N383BJ B737-9FG BBJ3 First Flight

L/N 3219 C/N 39317 B737-9FG BBJ3 N383BJ
Dep RNT 14:22 PST PTA BFI 16:11 PST via a go around at PAE
Call Sign BOE305 Hex Code A46691
N383BJ on a test flight
Photo Credit: Drewski

VT-SGF B737-8GJ SpiceJet First Flight

L/N 3218 C/N 36367 B737-8GJ VT-SGF SPICEJET
Dep RNT 11:08 PST Arr MWH 12:24 PST
Dep MWH 12:51 PST Arr BFI 13:17 PST
Call Sign BOE956 Hex Code 8005B8

Photo credit:Drewski

Tuesday 9 March 2010

SU-GDL B777-36NER Egyptair Delivered

L/N 850 C/N 38284 B777-36NER SU-GDL EGYPTAIR
Dep PAE 15:25 PST ETA CAI 11:50z on 10th March
Call Sign MSR3330 Hex Code 01012A
Flight Routing:
Photo credit:Matt Cawby

A6-FDG B737-8KN FlyDubai Delivered

L/N 3197 C/N 29636 B737-8KN A6-FDG FLYDUBAI
Dep BFI ??:?? PST ETA GLA 19:55z 9th March
Call Sign FDB9737 Hex Code 8962A0
Photo credit:Drewski

N76523 B737-824 Continental First Flight

L/N 3216 C/N 37101 B737-824 N76523 CONTINENTAL
Dep RNT 09:33 PST Arr MWH 11:00 PST
Dep 11:15 MWH PST Arr BFI 11:43 PST
Call Sign BOE575 Hex Code AA56D5
Photo Credit: Krishull

N831NN B737-823 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 3217 C/N 33211 B737-823 N831NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 09:15 PST PTA BFI 11:02 PST via a go around at PAE
Call Sign BOE241 Hex Code AB5D4A
Photo credit:Drewski

N787EX B787-8 on test flight to Victorville

L/N 2 C/N 40691 B787-8 N787EX BOEING - ALL NIPPON Colours
Dep BFI PST Arr VCV 10:56 PST
Call Sign BOE002 Hex Code AAAB01 Selcal BQ-GM
This is the first test flight to southern California
Phot Credit: Drewski

Some comments with regard this flight on
The aircraft is at Victorville for 3 weeks. Cheers Dave

Monday 8 March 2010

HL7791 B777-28EER Asiana First Flight

L/N 853 C/N 35525 B777-28EER HL7791 ASIANA
Dep PAE 10:32 PST Arr MWH 11:59 PST
Dep MWH 12:27 PST PTA PAE 12:57 PST
Call Sign BOE581 Hex Code 71BF91
The Call sign displayed showed 'BOHL779'
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby