Saturday 17 September 2011

B-5611 B737-84P Hainan First Flight

L/N 3783 C/N 38145 B737-84P B-5611 Hainan
Dep RNT 14:57 PDT Arr BFI 16:48 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE852 Hex Code 7807B3 Sel-Cal KR-DS
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit: John (Taken at Renton a day before first flight)

Friday 16 September 2011

CN-RGF B737-86N Royal Air Maroc Delivered

L/N 3773 C/N 36826 B737-86N CN-RGF ROYAL AIR MAROC Lsd GECAS
Dep BFI 16:50 ? PDT Arr YQX ??:??z
Call Sign RAM8747 Hex Code 0200EB Sel-Cal DG-PQ

N358BJ B737-7ES Australian Air Force flown to Hickam AFB, Hawaii

L/N 1232 C/N 33542 B737-7ES N358BJ
Dep BFI 13:32 PDT Arr HIK 02:10z
Call Sign BOE089 Hex Code A402A7
To be registered A30-002
Photo Credit: Drewski (Photo taken of a previous test flight)

EI-ESP B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3789 C/N 34990 B737-8AS EI-ESP RYANAIR
Dep RNT 10:35 PDT Arr BFI 12:28 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE626 Hex Code 4CA96F
Photo Credit: John (Taken at Renton before first flight)

LN-DYV B737-8JP Norwegian Air Shuttle First Flight

L/N 3790 C/N 39009 B737-8JP Norwegian Air Shuttle
Dep RNT 09:09 PDT Arr BFI 11:08 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE245 Hex Code 478771 Sel-Cal GL-AK

Thursday 15 September 2011

PK-LHY B737-9GPER Lion Air Delivered

L/N 3765 C/N 37285 B737-9GPER PK-LHY LION AIR - 50th B737-900ER
Dep BFI 23:16 PDT Arr HNL 01:16 HST
Call Sign LNI01 Hex Code 8A0295 Sel-Cal BP-HQ
Photo Credit: Rick Schlamp (Landing at BFI after a test flight)

EI-ESO B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3787 C/N 34989 B737-8AS EI-ESO RYANAIR
Dep RNT 14:24 PDT Arr BFI 16:19 via PAE
Call Sign BOE625 Hex Code 4CA96E

CC-BDA B767-316ER Lan Airlines First Flight

L/N 1011 C/N 40798 B767-316ER CC-BDA LAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 13:31 PDT Arr PAE 13:56 PDT
Call Sign BOE926 Hex Code E80420
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (Landing at PAE after First Flight)

A7-BBI B777-2DZLR Qatar flown back to Everett after painting at Portland

L/N 962 C/N 41061 B777-2DZLR A7-BBI QATAR
Dep PDX 11:16 PDT Arr PAE 11:54 PDT
Call Sign BOE089 Hex Code 06A0DB Sel-Cal HP-JK
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (Landing after painting at Portland)

VH-VZS B737-838 Qantas Delivered

L/N 3769 C/N 39358 B737-838 VH-VZS QANTAS
Dep BFI 10:56 PDT Arr HNL 13:25 HST
Call Sign QFA6024 Hex Code 7C6DE6 Sel-Cal BJ-CP
Aircraft was painted at Renton

9M-MLK B737-8FZ Malaysia Airlines First Flight

Leased from Babcock & Brown
Dep RNT 10:54 PDT Arr BFI 13:16 via MWH
Call Sign BOE131 Hex Code 750273 Sel-Cal BQ-EP
Aircraft was painted at Renton

Wednesday 14 September 2011

EI-ESN B737-8AS Ryanair First Flight

L/N 3780 C/N 34991 B737-8AS EI-ESN RYANAIR
Dep RNT 14:18 PDT Arr BFI 16:01 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE624 Hex Code 4CA96D

PR-GUL B738-8EH GOL First Flight

L/N 3785 C/N 35845 B737-8EH PR-GUL GOL Transportes Aereos
Dep RNT 13:20 PDT Arr BFI 15:00 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE616 Hex Code E48988 Sel-Cal DF-EP

A6-ETH B777-3XFER Etihad Delivered

L/N 957 C/N 39683 B777-3FXER A6-ETH ETIHAD
Dep PAE 13:32 PDT Arr AUH 00:32 GST
Call Sign ETD9040 Hex Code 8962E6 Sel-Cal FS-KR
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (Departing on Delivery Flight)

N965WN B737-7H4 Southwest Delivered

L/N 3774 C/N 36677 B737-7H4 N965WN SOUTHWEST
Dep BFI 11:01 PDT Arr PHX 13:18 MST
Call Sign SWA8700 Hex Code AD70BA

Tuesday 13 September 2011

7T-VCD B737-8ZQ Tassili Airlines First Flight

Dep RNT 13:28 PDT Arr BFI 15:26 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE454 Hex Code 0A007E Sel-Cal JR-BS

A7-BAP B777-3DZER Qatar Delivered

L/N 958 C/N 38248 B777-3DZER A7-BAP QATAR
Dep PAE 11:14 PDT ETA DOH 08:24z
Call Sign QTR3052 Hex Code 06A07C Sel-Cal BE-GJ

Monday 12 September 2011

N892FD B777-FS2 Fedex Delivered

L/N 960 C/N 38707 B777-FS2 N892FD FEDEX
Dep PAE 14:23 PDT Arr OAK 15:50 PDT
Call Sign FDX9092 Hex Code AC4D43 AK-CD
Named: Bella-Skye
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (At PAE close up view of the nose)

VT-JBU B737-86N Jet Airways Delivered

L/N 3763 C/N 36825 B737-86N VT-JBU JET AIRWAYS Lsd Gecas
Dep BFI 14:11 PDT Arr CYQX 03:03z
Dep CYQX 04:44z Arr BRU ??:??z
Call Sign JAI9016 Hex Code 80065D Sel-Cal FQ-CR
Aircraft was painted at Renton

A6-FDV B737-8KN FlyDubai Delivered

L/N 3768 C/N 40248 B737-8KN A6-FDV FLYDUBAI
Dep BFI 13:15 PDT Arr PAE ??:?? PDT
Call Sign FDB9749 Hex Code 8962C1 Sel-Cal BD-FS

B-5598 B737-86J China Southern First Flight

L/N 3784 C/N 36877 B737-86J B-5598 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep RNT 11:08 PDT Arr BFI 13:08 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE310 Hex Code 780773 Sel-Cal FL-KQ

N875NN B737-823 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 3782 C/N 33220 B737-823 N875NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 10:57 PDT Arr BFI 13:00 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE709 Hex Code AC0A22 Sel-Cal AE-FM