Friday 11 December 2015

A7-BCZ B787-8 Qatar Airways Flown to Portland, OR for painting

L/N 384 C/N 38344 B787-8 A7-BCZ QATAR AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 21:16 PST Arr PDX 21:49 PST
Call Sign BOE485 Hex Code 06A0BE

N786AV B787-8 Avianca Delivered

L/N 367 C/N 37508 B787-8 N786AV AVIANCA
Dep CHS 19:48 EST Arr SKRG/MDE 22:24 COT
Call Sign AVA9982 Hex Code AAA6E4

A6-EPG B777-31HER Emirates Delivered

L/N 1357 C/N 42326 B777-31HER A6-EPG EMIRATES
Dep PAE 14:05 PST Arr OMDB/DXB 16:08 GST
Call Sign UAE7777 Hex Code 8963D6

TC-LJD B777-3F2ER Turkish Airlines Flown to Everett from Portland after Painting

Dep PDX 13:32 PST Arr PAE 14:14 PST
Call Sign BOE542 Hex Code 4BB144

G-VDIA B787-9 Virgin Atlantic First Flight

Dep CHS 14:32 EST Arr CHS 16:48 EST
Call Sign BOE036 Hex Code 406E10

S2-AHV B737-8E9 Biman Bangladesh Airlines First flight

Dep RNT 12:28 PST Arr BFI 14:39 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE827 Hex Code 702067

C-GNDG B737-8CT WestJet First Flight

L/N 5717 C/N 40337 B737-8CT C-GNDG WESTJET
Dep RNT 12:03 PST Arr BFI 14:06 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE361 Hex Code C06751 Fleet# 847

A6-EPI B777-31HER Emirates Flown from Everett to Portland for Painting

L/N 1364 C/N 42328 B777-31HER A6-EPI EMIRATES
Dep PAE 10:28 PST Arr PDX 11:15 PST
Call Sign BOE652 Hex Code 8963D8

Thursday 10 December 2015

C-FNOI B787-9 Air Canada First Flight

L/N 371 C/N 35268 B787-9 C-FNOI AIR CANADA
Dep PAE 13:29 PST Arr PAE 15:22 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE561 Hex Code C023C9 FLEET#834

N850DN B737-932ER Delta Airlines Delivered

L/N 5694 C/N 31961 B737-932ER N850DN DELTA AIRLINES
Dep BFI 12:28 PST Arr ATL 19:35 EST
Call Sign DAL9944 Hex Code ABA7B0

EI-FJB B737-8JP Norwegian First Flight

L/N 5714 C/N 42081 B737-8JP EI-FJB NORWEGIAN Lsd Bank of China
Dep RNT 12:19 PST Arr BFI 14:44 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE277 Hex Code 4CA554

HL7636 B747-8B5 Korean Air First Flight

L/N 1527 C/N 60407 B747-8B5 HL7636 KOREAN AIR
Dep PAE 10:52 PST Arr PAE 12:14 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE055 Hex code 71BE36

CC-BGH B787-9 Lan Airlines First Flight

L/N 386 C/N 38459 B787-9 CC-BGH LAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 09:56 PST Arr PAE 11:49 PST
Call Sign BOE614 Hex Code E8044E

A6-EPI B777-31HER Emirates First Flight

L/N 1364 C/N 42328 B777-31HER A6-EPI EMIRATES
Dep PAE 08:55 PST Arr PAE 11:31 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE652 Hex Code 8963D8

A7-BCZ B787-8 Qatar Airways First Flight

L/N 384 C/N 38344 B787-8 A7-BCZ QATAR AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 08:36 PST Arr PAE 11:39 PST via MWH
Call Sign BOE485 Hex Code 06A0BE

Wednesday 9 December 2015

PH-BHA B787-9 KLM Delivered

L/N 356 C/N 36113 B787-9 PH-BHA KLM
Dep PAE 14:47 PST Arr EHAM/AMS 08:33 CET
Call Sign KLM7879 Hex Code 4851AD

B-7372 B737-89P China United First Flight

L/N 5711 C/N 61315 B737-89P B-7372 CHINA UNITED
Dep RNT 13:37  PDT Arr BFI 16:03 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE883 Hex Code 780F19

B-7170 B737-89P China Eastern Flown to Boeing Field, WA after painting at Spokane, WA

L/N 5702 C/N 61312 B737-89P B-7170 CHINA EASTERN Lsd AerDragon
Dep GEG 12:09 PST Arr BFI 12:56 PST
Call Sign BOE895 Hex Code 780890
Hex Code was previously used by B-8207 FAL7X-142

Photo Credit: Chris Edwards
Woodys Aeroimages

G-VOWS B787-9 Virgin Atlantic Flown to Charleston from Everett after painting

Dep PAE 10:51 PST Arr CHS 17:58 EST
Call Sign BOE035 Hex Code 406E11
Named: Maid Marion

A6-EPH B777-31HER Emirates Flown to Everett from Portland after Painting

L/N 1360 C/N 42327 B777-31HER A6-EPH EMIRATES
Dep PDX 10:00 PST Arr PAE 11:33 PST
Call Sign BOE651 Hex Code 8963D7

B-6842 B737-85C Xiamen Air Delivered

L/N 5691 C/N 40957 B737-85C B-6842 XIAMEN AIR
Dep BFI 08:15 PST ETA HNL 12:51 HST
Call Sign CXA6842 Hex Code 780EAD
Aircraft was painted at Renton

Tuesday 8 December 2015

VQ-BWF B737-8LJ Aeroflot Delivered

L/N 5690 C/N 41214 B737-8LJ VQ-BWF AEROFLOT Lsd Avia Capital
Dep BFI 23:12 PST Arr KEF/BIKF 14:31 GMT
Call Sign AFL7621 Hex Code 4243FC

B-7167 B737-84P Lucky Air First Flight

L/N 5710 C/N 41591 B737-84P B-7167 LUCKY AIR
Dep RNT 13:21  PDT Arr BFI 15:50 PDT via EUG
Call Sign BOE711 Hex Code 780EEB

N492AS B737-990ER Alaska Airlines Delivered

L/N 5686 C/N 44110 B737-990ER N492AS ALASKA AIRLINES
Dep BFI 11:04 PST Arr SEA 11:20 PST
Call Sign ASA9822 Hex Code A61797

HS-LUL B737-8GP Thai Lion Air First Flight

L/N 5698 C/N 39873 B737-8GP HS-LUL THAI LION AIR
Dep RNT 09:54 PST Arr BFI 12:28 PST via EUG
Call Sign BOE341 Hex Code 8832AC

B-7087 B737-85N Shandong Delivered

L/N 5688 C/N 39969 B737-85N B-7087 SHANDONG
Leased from SMBC Aviation Capital Limited
Dep BFI 07:51 PST Arr HNL 12:37 HST
Call Sign CDG7087 Hex Code 780ED3
Aircraft was painted at Spokane, WA

Monday 7 December 2015

TC-CPZ B737-8H6 Pegasus Airlines First Flight

Dep RNT 15:00  PDT Arr BFI 15:11 PDT
Call Sign BOE089 Hex Code 4B8E1A

B-6497 B737-89L Air China First Flight

L/N 5699 C/N 44930 B737-89L B-6497 Air China
Dep RNT 13:11  PDT Arr BFI 15:31 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE936 Hex Code 780E76
Aircraft Was Painted At Renton

PK-LPM B737-8GP Lion Air First Flight

L/N 5709 C/N 39874 B737-8GP PK-LPM Lion Air
Dep RNT 12:37  PDT Arr BFI 14:17 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE342 Hex Code 8A059A

B-6249 B737-89P China Eastern Delivered

L/N 5689 C/N 41480 B737-89P B-6249 CHINA EASTERN
Dep BFI 09:44 PST Arr BFI 14:28 HST
Call Sign CES9001 Hex Code 780E85

Sunday 6 December 2015

N8676A B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight

L/N 5706 C/N 36941 B737-8H4 N8676A SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 14:00 PST Arr BFI 15:23 PST via PAE
Call Sign BOE914 Hex Code ABEC03