Saturday 7 April 2012

JA827J B787-8 Japan Airlines First Flight

L/N 38 C/N 34837 B787-8 JA827J JAPAN AIRLINES
Dep PAE 09:48 PDT Arr PAE 12:17 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE181 Hex Code AAAAAA (N787BK)
Photo Credit: Marshall Autry (Taxying to depart on first flight)

Friday 6 April 2012

N8305E B737-8H4 Southwest First Flight

L/N 4009 C/N 36683 B737-8H4 N8305E SOUTHWEST
Dep RNT 15:55 PDT ETA BFI ??:?? PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE604 Hex Code AB5B66 SELCAL HS-BJ
Photo Credit: Marshall Autry (A touch & go at PAE on first flight)

JA342J B737-846 JAL Express First Flight

L/N 4002 C/N 39191 B737-846 JA342J JAL EXPRESS
Dep RNT 12:47 PDT ETA BFI 15:15 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE233 Hex Code 851BFE SELCAL HK-PS
Photo Credit:Dave (At Renton a few days before first flight)

N451BJ B737-7JU BBJ Felham 3 Limited Flown from Roswell Intl Air Center to Indianapolis

L/N 3825 C/N 38855 B737-7JU BBJ N451BJ FELHAM 3 LIMITED
Dep ROW 12:11 MDT ETA IND 16:22 EDT
Call Sign N451BJ Hex Code A575F5

B-KQA B777-367ER Cathay Pacific First Flight

L/N 1008 C/N 37898 B777-367ER B-KQA CATHAY PACIFIC
Dep PAE 10:25 PDT Arr PAE 12:21 PDT
Call Sign BOE238 Hex Code 780A2C SELCAL FR-CJ
Configured with no First Class seats
Photo Credit: Matt Cawby (A go around on first flight at PAE)

B-5633 B737-85C Xiamen Delivered

L/N 3987 C/N 38389 B737-85C B-5633 XIAMEN
Dep BFI 08:26 PDT Arr HNL 11:16 HST
Call Sign CXA5633 Hex Code 78006A SELCAL AH-EK

Thursday 5 April 2012

EI-EVN B737-8AS Ryanair Delivered

L/N 3992 C/N 40294 B737-8AS EI-EVN RYANAIR
Dep BFI 19:44 PDT ETA DUB 12:17 BST
Call Sign RYR800N Hex Code 4CA9EB

HP-1730CMP B737-8V3 COPA Delivered

L/N 3988 C/N 38141 B737-8V3 HP-1730CMP COPA
Dep BFI 12:36 PDT ETA SJO 20:12 CST
Call Sign CMP1730 Hex Code 0C206C SELCAL HQ-AD
Photo credit:Drewski (on delivery take-off)

VT-SGY B737-8GJ SpiceJet Delivered

L/N 3986 C/N 37765 B737-8GJ VT-SGY SPICEJET (named Cayenne)
Dep BFI 11:20 PDT ETA YQX 21:57 NDT
Dep YQX 23:03 NDT ETA SNN 06:31 BST
Call Sign VTSGY Hex Code 800700
Originally ordered by AIR BERLIN ntu
Painted at Renton
Photo credit:Drewski (seen landing at BFI)

LN-RGA B737-86N SAS First Flight

L/N 4003 C/N 39397 B737-86N LN-RGA SAS Lsd GECAS
Dep RNT 09:28 PDT ETA BFI 11:53 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE695 Hex Code 4787AF SELCAL ES-AL
Photo Credit: Stelios (At Renton performing ground tests)

Wednesday 4 April 2012

VQ-BLR B747-8HVF Air Bridge Cargo Delivered

L/N 1452 C/N 37668 B747-8HVF VQ-BLR Air Bridge Cargo
Dep PAE 19:27 PDT ETA ORD 00:46 CDT
Call Sign ABW4011 Hex Code 4245FB SELCAL DK-FS
Photo Credit: Moonm (Departing PAE on a test flight)

B737-8GB United States Navy P-8A Static Test aircraft to paticipate in live firing testing

L/N 2722 C/N 34395 B737-8GB UNITED STATES NAVY P-8A
Static Test Aircraft
Boeing has disassembled the Static Test Frame (S-1) at Renton
& has now been put on a low loader in readiness to be
taken to a unknown location ! (Possibly China Lake ??) to
start live firing testing later this year.
Photo Credit: Stelios (Taken at Renton whilst on a low loader)

G-TAWI B737-8K5 Thomson First Flight

L/N 4006 C/N 37267 B737-8K5 G-TAWI THOMSON Lsd TUI Group
Dep RNT 12:39 PDT Arr BFI 14:46 PDT via YKM
Call Sign BOE139 Hex Code 4066D0 SELCAL CF-KS
Photo credit:Dave (seen at Renton)

B-5283 B737-71B China Southern First Flight

L/N 4000 C/N 38919 B737-71B B-5283 CHINA SOUTHERN
Dep RNT 11:14 PDT Arr BFI ??:?? PDT via YKM
Call Sign BOE604 Hex Code 780862 SELCAL CS-KM
Aircraft is 4000th B737,painted at Renton
Photo credit:Dave (at Renton)

JA741A B777-281 All Nippon Airways First Flight
L/N 1005 C/N 40900 B777-281 JA741A ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 11:07 PDT Arr PAE 13:29 PDT via GEG
Call Sign BOE591 Hex Code 8682F4 SELCAL ER-GH
Aircraft is in domestic configuration
Photo credit:Matt Cawby (

PK-LJQ B737-8GP Lion Air Delivered

L/N 3985 C/N 38317 B737-8GP PK-LJQ LION AIR
Dep BFI 08:23 PDT Arr HNL 11:10 HST
Call Sign LNI01 Hex Code 8A02E9 SELCAL LR-AE
Photo Credit: Blue Wave Group (At HNL on delivery flight)

Tuesday 3 April 2012

F-GZNO B777-328ER Air France Flown back to Everett after painting at Portland

L/N 1007 C/N 38665 B777-328ER F-GZNO AIR FRANCE
Dep PDX 17:32 PDT Arr PAE 18:14 PDT
Call Sign BOE252 Hex Code 3965AE SELCAL CP-EQ
Originally allocated F-GZNM Hex Code 3965AC
Which is now not taken up
Photo credit: Marshall Autry (Landing at Everett)

G-TAWH B737-8K5 Thomson First Flight

L/N 3997 C/N 38107 B737-8K5 G-TAWH THOMSON Lsd Aviation Capital Group
Dep RNT 14:31 PDT ETA BFI ??:?? PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE138 Hex Code 4066CF SELCAL DR-BM

F-GZNL B777-328ER Air France Delivered

L/N 1001 C/N 40063 B777-328ER F-GZNL AIR FRANCE
Dep PAE 15:02 PDT ETA CDG 08:49 CET
Call Sign AFR374V Hex Code 3965AB SELCAL CP-DQ
Photo credit:Dave (seen lining up for departure)

B-2090 B777-39LER Air China Flown to Portland to be painted

L/N 1009 C/N 38669 B777-39LER B-2090 AIR CHINA
Dep PAE 09:29 PDT Arr PDX 10:13
Call Sign BOE156 Hex Code 78082E SELCAL JL-BS

D-ATUJ B737-8K5 TuiFly First Flight

L/N 4001 C/N 39923 B737-8K5 TUIFLY Lsd Lombard Leasing
Dep RNT 10:46 PDT Arr BFI 13:00 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE117 Hex Code 3C0CA2 SELCAL DK-CH
Photo credit:Dave (seen landing at BFI in the rain!)

N889NN B737-823 American Airlines Delivered

L/N 3981 C/N 33314 B737-823 N889NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep BFI 10:06 PDT ETA DFW 16:00 CDT
Call Sign AAL9701 Hex Code AC407D SELCAL AE-LM

Monday 2 April 2012

167952 B737-8FV United States Navy P-8A Flown back to BFI from Eglin AFB

L/N 3324 C/N 40594 B737-8FV 167952
Dep VPS 12:21 CDT Arr BFI 14:57 PDT
Call Sign BOE006 Hex Code AE222D
Photo Credit: Drewski (Taken at BFI arriving after first flight)

N453BJ B737-7GJ BBJ Nanshan Jet Flown to Tulsa after painting at Acadiana Regional

L/N 3866 C/N 41658 B737-7GJ BBJ N453BJ NANSHAN JET
Dep ARA 12:02 CDT Arr TUL 13:01 CDT
Call Sign N453BJ Hex Code A57D63
Nanshan Jet has selected Lufthansa Technik's U.S. Subsidiary, BizJet International, to complete its BBJ interior in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It will be configured to carry 28 passengers.

EI-EVM B737-8AS Ryanair Delivered

L/N 3983 C/N 40296 B737-8AS EI-EVM RYANAIR
Dep BFI 19:29 PDT ETA DUB 12:01 BST
Call Sign RYR800M Hex Code 4CA9EA

HL8245 B737-8Q8 Korean Air Delivered

L/N 3980 C/N 38827 B737-8Q8 HL8245 KOREAN AIR Lsd ILFC
Dep BFI 13:03 PDT Arr ANC 15:13 AKDT
Call Sign KAL030D Hex Code 71C245 SELCAL EF-QS
Painted at Renton
Photo credit:Drewski (Landing at BFI after a test flight)

N39450 B737-924ER United Delivered

L/N 3984 C/N 40004 B737-924ER N39450 UNITED
Dep BFI 11:27 PDT Arr MCO 19:56 EDT
Call Sign UAL9925 Hex Code A494C5 SELCAL BQ-CD
Photo Credit: Drewski (At BFI after a test flight)

B-2090 B777-39LER Air China First Flight

L/N 1009 C/N 38669 B777-39LER B-2090 AIR CHINA
Dep PAE 09:10 PDT Arr PAE 12:31 PDT via MWH
Call Sign BOE156 Hex Code 78082E SELCAL JL-BS

N890NN B737-823 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 3999 C/N 31143 B737-823 N890NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 14:37 PDT Arr BFI ??:?? PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE723 Hex Code AC468D SELCAL AF-CD
Photo Credit: Stelios (Departing RNT on first flight)

B-5639 B737-89L Dalian Airlines First Flight

L/N 4004 C/N 40033 B737-89L B-5639 Dalian Airlines
Dep RNT 12:46 PDT Arr BFI ??:?? PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE175 Hex Code 780872 SELCAL AD-EG
Originally allocated to Air China but taken up
by Dalian Airlines who is owned 80% by Air China

Sunday 1 April 2012

JA808A B787-8 All Nippon Airways First Flight

L/N 42 C/N 34490 B787-8 JA808A ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 15:54 PDT Arr PAE 19:07 PDT
Call Sign BOE105 Hex Code 86CF5A
Photo credit:Vintage Racer

PH-HSF B737-8K2 Transavia First flight

L/N 3998 C/N 39261 B737-8K2 PH-HSF TRANSAVIA
Dep RNT 10:25 PDT ETA BFI 12:32 PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE931 Hex Code 484F6C SELCAL LS-HJ
Photo credit:Vintage Racer