Thursday, 28 June 2012

N897NN B737-823 American Airlines First Flight

L/N 4106 C/N 33318 B737-823 N897NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
Dep RNT 12:01 PDT Arr BFI ??:?? PDT via PAE
Call Sign BOE730 Hex Code AC608E


  1. Beleive N897NN may have a small green Eco badge at rear of fuselage. A Boeing photo as taken inside a factory confirmation welcome

  2. Apprently still not delivered to AA as of 8th of the 8th. So is it on 'special' evaluation tests with Boeing ? If so what is it doing ? Thanks

  3. As mentioned on the Boeing Flickr website

    The ecoDemonstrator aims to accelerate technology through testing of several advanced technologies designed to improve aircraft efficiency, reduce noise and cut emissions.