Saturday, 24 December 2011

VT-SGW B737-9GJER Spicejet Delivered

L/N 3843 C/N 37363 B737-9GJER VT-SGW SPICEJET
Dep BFI 10:19 PST Arr YQX 00:14z
Dep YQX 01:22z ETA SNN 04:30z
Call Sign VTSGW Hex Code 8006E7
Photo Credit: Drewski (Arrived at BFI after a test flight)


  1. Hi John, I'm really curious as to why I have never logged this before Its delivery flight, was It flying under an "N" test reg prior ?

  2. Hi Dave H
    Looks like the indian Hex Code was only used on the delivery flight, previous flights it used the test registration Hex Code.