Thursday, 1 December 2011

N787BA B787-8 Boeing Flown to Palmdale for retirement

L/N 1 C/N 40690 B787-8 N787BA BOEING
Dep BFI 09:02 PST ETA PMD 10:39 PST
Call Sign BOE787 Hex Code AAAAA1
Photo Credit: Sabian404 (Departing on a test flight from Portland)

The first Boeing 787 to fly ZA001 is being flown to Palmdale,
California It will be pulled out of service and stored until
its final fate is determined.
The first 787 to fly back on December 15, 2009, ZA001
has served as the workhorse of the flight test fleet with
518 flights and more than 1,326 hours according to
Boeing (not including the current flight). The airplane
has been all around the world and just returned from
Australia last month
After arriving in Palmdale, ZA001 will have its Rolls Royce
engines removed and it will be placed in storage. Palmdale
is a home to a Boeing flight test facility. The desert climate
is ideal for long term aircraft storage ZA001 is expected to
eventually make its way to a museum. A likely final parking
spot is at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle
where Boeing’s flight test group is based and ZA001 spent
much of its life.

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