Monday, 18 July 2011

A6-FDT B737-8KN FlyDubai Delivered

L/N 3706 C/N 40247 B737-8KN A6-FDT FLYDUBAI
Dep BFI ??:?? PDT Arr PAE ??:?? PDT via YXX
Call Sign FDB9747 Hex Code 8962BF Sel-Cal AR-KQ
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit: Drewski (Landing at BFI after a test flight)


  1. Not sure if this was delivered on this date (18th July) I just picked it up today (22nd July) at 17:10MST as FDB9747, over Edmonton...well picked up the hex code 8962BF...perhaps it sat at YXX since the 18th?


  2. Hi John....I picked this up again on the 22nd as FDB9747 at 15.17

  3. This was delivered to the customer on 18th (Thanks Drewski) exchange of contracts probably takes place at Abbotsford, BC so to avoid paying the Washington state tax at 9.50% on their new purchase then flown to Paine Field for some completion work & finally flown to the customer in Dubai via Glasgow, UK on 22nd July.

  4. Thanks for the info John...would you still want similar info from me in the future on these 'double' deliveries, for want of a better phrase?

  5. Hi Alex
    Double delivery info is always useful especially for FlyDubai as they don't show up on the web trackers !
    Any info is better than no info ! I can then add the info to the original post or create a seperate one if need be.
    Many Thanks