Wednesday, 19 January 2011

N1006F (JA804A) B787-8 All Nippon Airways First Flight

L/N 9 C/N 34486 B787-8 N1006F (JA804A) ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
Dep PAE 15:49 PST Arr PAE 16:59 PST
Call Sign BOE102 Hex Code 86CEB0
Photo Credit: Moonm (Arriving back at PAE after first flight)


  1. Hi John....I logged a Japan code of 86CEB0 at 15.55 to 16.52.....I think this Is the one.

  2. Thanks again Dave for the tie up it would appear to match the times of the first flight.

  3. did the registration on this post get changed from JA802A to JA803A today? (sure it said 802 earlier)
    I thought 802= 34886/9 and 803= 34488/8


  4. Yes you are correct & the original post did say JA802A but since that posting new information has come to light to suggest that the first six aircraft for All Nippon Airways will follow in registration order. The registration allocation has changed many times in the past with ANA so until the deliveries take place in 3rd quarter 2011 ? only then can we get a definitive allocation. In the meantime the revised allocation is as follows:
    L/N 7 C/N 34485 JA801A
    L/N 8 C/N 34488 JA802A
    L/N 9 C/N 34486 JA803A
    L/N 11 C/N 34497 JA804A
    L/N 12 C/N 34508 JA805A
    L/N 13 C/N 34490 JA806A
    L/N 14 C/N 34498 JA809A
    L/N 15 C/N 34491 JA810A
    L/N 18 C/N 34487 unallocated
    L/N 22 C/N 34510 JA807A
    L/N 24 C/N 34514 JA808A
    L/N 31 C/N 34515 unallocated
    That's all the ANA aircraft that have been built so far.