Sunday 14 November 2010

B-16715 B777-35EER EVA Air Delivered after storage at PAE

L/N 810 C/N 33757 B777-35EER B-16715 EVA AIR
Dep PAE 14:35 PST ETA TPE 20:10z
Call Sign EVA5715 Hex Code 8990DD
Photo Credit: Drewski (Taken at BFI after first flight on 1st Sept 09)
Aircraft was delivered to the customer on 18th Dec 2009
but has remained in storage at PAE awaiting seat installation


  1. Is this B-16715 John because according to my Basestation reporter 8990DD came up as 16714
    I logged 8990DD on the 11th as BOE663 and later that day as BRB16715...then logged today as EVA5715

  2. Hi Dave
    If your base station reporter shows B-16714 then you need to change it to B-16715 as B-16714 does not exist, you may of got the info from Jim's original Blog which was corrected by a comment that was posted.
    Jim's Blog is still available to search for info prior to Nov 2009