Sunday, 20 June 2010

TC-AAZ B737-82R Pegasus First Flight & returned to Renton

L/N 3325 C/N 40875 B737-82R TC-AAZ PEGASUS
Dep RNT 11:25 PDT Arr RNT 13:14 PDT
Call Sign BOE939 Hex Code 4B843A Sel-Cal AF-LP
Named: Mina
Aircraft was painted at Renton
Photo Credit: John (Taken at RNT on day of first flight)


  1. Are you sure this actually flew on 20th? There is no record of it on the trackers or the SBS sites. Photo confirmation??

  2. 1000% it flew on 20th June
    From Barry Thorpe sbs log time is in UTC which
    makes 11:39 Local Seattle time
    * 4B843A 2010/06/20 18:39:31
    Also shows up on Flightwise web tracker but Flightaware seem to have missed the first flight
    & only captured the 2nd flight on 23 June from RNT to BFI.

  3. Rgr John, thanks for confirmation.