Monday, 29 March 2010

B-5526 B737-8FZ Shandong First Flight

L/N 3237 C/N 31717 B737-8FZ B-5526 SHANDONG
Dep RNT 09:15 PDT Arr MWH 10:46 PDT
Dep MWH 11:07 PDT Arr BFI 11:35 PDT
Call Sign BOE123 Hex Code 78065C
Photo credit:Drewski (seen after landing at BFI)


  1. Isn't this one 36778/3237 737-85N B-5463 for Shandong?

  2. It is owned by Babcock & Brown & now leased to Shandong so may well have changed C/N & type designation whilst in the build process but i'm waiting confirmation of it's correct identity

  3. Based on the C/N it sounds like on the the planes Delta sold to B&B who is apparently leasing it to Shandong.

  4. Further info has come to light & can confirm C/N 36778 is a B737-85N but the registration is B-5453 & the L/N will be 3277.
    This means the original posting is correct & the registration will become B-5463
    However this is still subject to getting 100% confirmation.

  5. Now had 100% confirmation that L/N 3237 is C/N 31717 B737-8FZ & Reg is to become B-5526.