Wednesday, 20 January 2016

B-18006 B777-309ER China Airlines Delivered

L/N 1365 C/N 43981 B777-309ER B-18006 CHINA AIRLINES
Dep PAE 22:08 PST Arr RCTP/TPE 02:09 CST
Call Sign CAL1710 Hex Code 89901F


  1. General Comment - I've noticed that Puget Sound no longer seems to cover the 737 series. Is there a reason why?

  2. No B737 updates for a while as the B737 editors have had unscheduled family & work commitments to full fill so have been unable to devote their spare time at present to keep the Blog updated.

  3. I can help out if you want. Im 48 years and aplanefreak :P

  4. Hi Leorim and blog fans. We are trying our best to keep up to date for the 737's. Anyone who can send us future delivery information is gratefully received, so we can prepare and draft post the info for the blog. That will save us time Thanks